How To Use Math Exit Tickets in the Elementary Classroom

Have you ever felt you taught an incredible math lesson to your class, only to find out weeks later, when you give them a quiz or unit test, that most of your students didn't understand the concept? Trust me, you are not alone! This is one of the reasons I started to use math exit tickets in my classroom.

Math exit tickets

As an elementary teacher, you're constantly looking for effective strategies to assess your students' understanding of math concepts. Math exit tickets are a simple, yet powerful, tool which offer valuable insights into each student's learning and provides you with essential feedback to guide your instruction.

What are Math Exit Tickets?
Math exit tickets are a quick formative assessment given at the end of a math lesson or guided math group lesson to help gauge students' understanding of the concepts taught. Exit tickets usually consists of a small set of questions or prompts that can be completed in a short period of time. Teachers can then use the information to guide and differentiate their instruction for the next day.

math exit tickets

Why Use Math Exit Tickets?
Math exit tickets serve multiple purposes and offer many benefits for both teachers and students:

✔️Quick Assessment: 
Exit tickets provide teachers with a snapshot of students' understanding, allowing them to assess comprehension and identify areas of strength and weakness.

✔️Inform Instruction: 
The information gained from exit tickets help to guide future instruction by helping to identify common misconceptions, adjust pacing or modify teaching strategies to meet student needs.

Exit tickets help to identify students who require additional support or those who are ready for challenging tasks.

✔️Student Reflection: 
Exit tickets encourage students to reflect on their own learning and promote self-assessment skills. They help students identify gaps in their understanding and take ownership of learning progress.

math exit tickets

2nd Grade Math Exit Tickets

Using Math Exit Tickets Successfully:
To get the biggest benefit of using math exit tickets in your classroom, consider the following tips:

😊Align with Learning Objectives: 
Make sure your exit tickets align with your learning objectives for the lesson you have just taught. 

😊Keep It Concise: 
Limit the number of questions on the exit tickets to maintain a quick and manageable assessment. This allows students to complete them independently and in a short amount of time.

😊Clear Instructions: 
Make sure students understand what is expected of them and the format in which they should respond (ex: short answer, drawings, multiple choice).

😊Use Them Regularly: 
Consistently use math exit tickets at the end of each lesson to gather ongoing data about student progress. This regular feedback helps to adjust instruction and monitor student growth.

😊Analyze and Respond: 
Take the time to analyze the results of the math exit tickets. Look for patterns and identify areas where students may be struggling. Use this information to differentiate instruction, provide targeted interventions, or plan whole-class reteaching, when needed.

😊Feedback and Goalsetting: 
Provide timely and helpful feedback based on exit ticket responses. Encourage students to reflect on their performance and set personal goals to improve.

close up of math exit ticket

Math exit tickets can be a powerful tool in the classroom that offer valuable insight into student learning, inform instruction, and help students reflect on their learning. By using them regularly, you can get a better understanding of your students' needs, provide needed support, and foster a growth mindset. I hope you love using them in your classroom, as much as I do in mine!


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