12 Amazing Back To School Amazon Teacher Finds

Amazon Back To School Classroom Finds

With the excitement of a new school year quickly approaching, I think it is safe to say that most teachers can relate to the joy and sorrow that comes with purchasing new supplies for the classroom, as we turn the calendar to August. The list of "to-dos" and supplies to gather can be overwhelming. To help you navigate this emotion-filled time of year, I have put together a list of 12 amazing back-to-school items that will provide smooth sailing into the start of the new school year. Each item is something I use in my own classroom and I could not imagine teaching without it. I hope this list helps you find some inspiration for your classroom too. All the items below come with an affiliate link to Amazon.
Automatic pencil dispenser
Pencil Dispenser: This fun pencil dispenser is a great way to get students excited when they earn a special visit to it for good choices in my classroom. Students  never know when they will get the opportunity. But this pencil holder is always on my desk so I can monitor its use. 

Classroom Paper Organizer
Student Classroom Organizer: This is a classroom MUST HAVE! I don't think I could live without it. I number the cubbies to match each student number. Students are then responsible for filing their graded papers to go home at the end of the week. It helps keep their desks clutter-free and it saves me time filing their papers. There are many different versions of this out on the internet. I found this to be the most sturdy and durable. I have had it for years and love its versatility!

amazon teacher finds colored pencil sharpener
Colored Pencil Sharpener: Best colored pencil sharpener hands down! Some people may think I am excessive when it comes to pencil sharpeners BUT I have very good reasons for it. In my 20+ years of teaching, I have tried it all. I have purchased and broken SO MANY pencil sharpeners in my teacher career. What I have come to discover is that I need 3 different pencil sharpeners in my classroom! Here is what each is used for exclusively: 
1. Yellow pencils only
2. Colored pencils only
3. Crayons
Students are not allowed to use them! Only myself or another trusted adult can use them. This strategy seems to make the sharpeners last longer and I don't have to replace them for years! So as crazy as it sounds, this is my plan and I am sticking to it!

headphone zipper pouches
Headphone Pouches: These heavy duty zipper pouches are PERFECT for student headphone storage. They are durable and last all year! I label each pouch with numbers to correspond with each students' number and they are placed in bins at the end of each day. It helps to make sure they don't get lost or misplaced. 
headphone storage bins
Headphone Storage Bins: I use these collapsible storage bins to keep the headphone pouches organized. This allows for easy storage at the end of the year too! I just fold them up and flatten them to go into a cupboard. 

student supply boxes

Student Supply Boxes: Over the years, I have tried every kind of supply box possible. These are by far the easiest for students to open and close. They are durable and I don't have to replace them half way through the year. I also love the smooth lid. This makes it easy to apply student name tags and labels. My students keep their crayons, scissors, dry erase markers, correcting pens etc. in here. NO PENCILS! See why with my next Amazon find. 

zipper pencil pouches
Pencil Pouches: Although my students each have a plastic supply box in their desks, I also give them one of these zippered pencil pouches for 5 pencils and an eraser ONLY! At the end of each week, I have a student helper gather the pouches and sharpen any pencils that are dull or broken. If a student has all 5 pencils in their pouch, at this time, they get a reward. It could be a reward tag, classroom cash, table points etc. This is a great individual motivator and the students love the surprises they can receive.

crayola crayon sharpener
Crayon Sharpener: This is a must have sharpener in the classroom too! Once again, only an adult should use it to maintain its longevity! I remember as a kid, I hated using unsharpened crayons. I loved the built in sharpener in my Crayola crayon box. Now all my students can have sharp crayons year round!

bulleting board alternative

Bulletin Board Strips: If you don't have a lot of bulletin board space in your classroom, like me, these self adhesive bulletin board strips are a game changer. I have one of these up on my cupboard doors for each of my students. It makes displaying work easy and it can be changed out quickly too!

take home folders
Student Take Home Folders: These are by far my favorite take-home folders I have found. They are made of heavy duty plastic and have two pockets on the inside. But what I love most about these folders are the plastic outside sleeves on the front and back of each folder. This lets me personalize and customize the folders for my students' needs. On the cover, I include the student's name, log in information, frequently used website links, writing strategies and our sound spelling cards for reference. On the back of the folder are common math strategies and vocabulary we use throughout the year. Take a closer look at the FOLDER COVERS that are available for primary and intermediate grade levels HERE.

Individual Student Dry Erase Boards: If you don't have a class set of dry erase boards, make sure to grab them before the new school year starts. We use these several times every day in class. I love that this set comes with individual erasers too! But, if they get lost, a piece of felt cut into squares does the job too!

elementary student composition books
Primary Composition Notebooks: It took me awhile to finally start using these primary lined composition notebooks in my classroom. But as soon as I found them, I was hooked. For kindergarten, first and second graders these notebooks are fabulous because of the dotted lines provided for the students to write on. It helps them with spacing and correct letter formation. Regular wide-lined composition books don't cut it, when these primary lined notebooks are available. Give them a try. You will be hooked too!

I hope this list gives you some great ideas for your classroom. Don't forget to check out my full list of classroom supplies, HERE.

Happy Teaching!



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