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Classroom Management Ideas

I love using classroom numbers to help with organization! This seems to be a very controversial topic among educators, however they are a life saver for me. I do not call on my students by number. They do not write their number on papers. The numbering system is solely used for organization. It allows me to number students cubbies, so I don't have to relabel everything at the start of the school year, or when a new student enters our class. You can read all about how I use student number sticks HERE.

student number sticks

Have you ever had the most chatty class in the world? I did one year and it made me implement a classroom voice level chart immediately! The kids love the chart with the tap lights. I usually pick one student to be in charge of the lights so I don't have to monitor it as much. It provides a great visual for my students and serves as an excellent reminder. You can read all the details on how to make your own voice level chart HERE

classroom voice level chart

Connecting the learning in the classroom to the learning that continues at home is critical. I LOVE using learning folders that have all the important learning information at students' fingertips. On the front side of the folder, I also include user names and passwords for regularly used sites. I love the folders with plastic covers, so I can insert learning resources they will need throughout the year. The folders can be found on Amazon or Target.

take home folders

One of my biggest pet peeves is being interrupted during direct instruction time or small group time for something as simple as:
  • getting a tissue 
  • sharpening pencil
  • going to the bathroom
  • getting a drink of water etc. 
I implemented hand signals into my classroom routines several years ago and it has cut down on interruptions, dramatically! I keep it simple with only 4 different choices. I have used Keeping It Captivating Editable Hand Signals for years and love them!

Reward tags provide such an easy way to recognize great student behavior and accomplishments. Each of my students has a ring in the front of that classroom to keep their reward tags on, as they collect them throughout the year. The best thing about reward tags is they are versatile, inexpensive, and can be given for any reason! I am obsessed with ALL the reward tags from Aimee at Primarily Speaking

I hope these ideas inspire you and help you stay organized, so you can spend the most time teaching your amazing students!


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