10 Earth Day Ideas for Any Elementary Classroom

earth day ideas
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As an elementary teacher, I believe it is important to teach our students about the importance of protecting the environment. Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to engage students in learning about the environment and taking action to protect it.

Enjoy these 10 Earth Day ideas, which are perfect for any elementary classroom.

PLANT A TREE: One of the most effective ways to celebrate Earth Day is by planting a tree. You can involve your students in the process by asking them to select a location somewhere at school, digging the hole, and then planting the tree.

LITTER CLEANUP: Schedule a day to pick up litter around the school or even at a local park. Have students wear gloves or even use litter grabbers to safely collect the trash.

START A COMPOST BIN: A compost bin is an excellent way to teach students about the importance of reducing waste and recycling. You can start a compost bin in your school garden.

CREATE A RECYCLING PROGRAM: Encourage your students to recycle by setting up a recycling program in your classroom and/or school. Provide bins for plastic, paper, and other recyclable materials. 

MAKE BIRD FEEDERS: Students can make bird feeders using recycled materials such as milk cartons, plastic bottles, or tin cans. You can even make them with toilet paper rolls. When complete, hang the bird feeders around school.

READ ENVIRONMENTAL BOOKS: Read books that teach children about the environment and the importance of protecting it. Some of my favorite read-alouds are: We Are Water Protectors, Compost Stew, What A Waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting Our Planet, and the classic The Great Kapok Tree.

CREATE ECO-FRIENDLY ART: Encourage students to create art using recycled materials such as cardboard, newspaper, magazines, or paper towel rolls. Display the art around school or in your classroom. You can also try this Recycled Garden Activity that incorporates art and measurement skills.

EARTH DAY MATH CRAFT: Students can apply their math skills and create these hanging Earth Day math crafts or these bees, butterflies and flowers math crafts

EARTH DAY SKILLS ACTIVITIES: Review reduce, reuse, recycle concepts with these skills based activities that include fact and opinion, cause and effect, ABC order, writing and more!

EARTH DAY NO PREP ACTIVITIES AND BOOM DECK: Review reading and math skills with this set of NO PREP activities which come in PRINT and DIGITAL formats to meet all your needs. These lessons are also great to review for state testing skills. Use these activities during morning work, small groups, homework or for fast finishers to review their skills. 

I hope you enjoy these 10 Earth Day ideas to help your students to develop an understanding of the importance of protecting the environment.


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