Assessment Tips for Distance Learning

As a new school year begins with distance learning, there are so many questions to be answered about assessment logistics and more importantly, accuracy of the results. We are going to be starting our beginning of the year assessments in the coming weeks and I am still unsure of what it looks like. One thing I do know, I need my data to be as accurate as possible. 

assessment tips for distance learning


ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO DO THEIR BEST: Let students know these assessments are to help you teach them this school year. All they need to do is their best work. Scores don't matter. This will lower their anxiety levels too. 

A QUIET PLACE TO WORK FREE OF DISTRACTIONS: This may be easier for some students than others. However, whenever possible, a test taking environment free of siblings, pets, toys, etc. will  help a child focus on the test they are taking online and therefore give more accurate results.

CHECK YOUR TECH: It is important for students, parents, and teachers to make sure they know how to use their technology, especially during assessments. Can multiple windows be opened at once? Do your students know how to click between the different windows? Do teachers know how to share their screen so students only see the test and not where they are marking assessment results? This takes time and practice to set up.

GET PARENTS ON BOARD: Parents need to understand the importance of these assessments. The results need to be accurate, so we can guide our instruction. If parents are prompting, reading, and giving their child answers during the tests, the effort will all be for nothing. Our students have basically missed five months of school. It's pretty safe to say, it should not be the norm to move up five reading levels in that time! In order for there to be a chance for accurate testing results, we need the parents help! I created a list of guidelines to help parents understand the DOs and DON'Ts of how they can help their child during assessments!

I am emailing these guidelines out to my parents just before we start testing. The intention is to inform parents the best way to "help" their children in order to get the most accurate assessment results.

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How are you preparing for distance learning assessments? I would love to hear from you!


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