Weekend Warriors Link Up: Open House and More!

The Weekend Warriors are back this month with a whole NEW look and theme! Weekend Warriors is also inviting each of you to link up too! That's right! Just grab the image and monthly banner and create your own blog post about your Open House ideas and more and join in on all the fun!  There is a different theme the last weekend of every month.

We just had our Open House last week and there are a few things that I just LOVE about it. I love watching the kids show off all their learning throughout the year to their parents. I love the twinkle in the parents' eyes as they realize how hard their kids have been working all year long! I love the sense of community too! It's usually a night of overwhelming "warm fuzzies"!

 Every year I have the kids reflect on how far they have come since the first day of school. Sometimes I get it completed by Open House and sometimes I don't. This year I was clearly on top of things because they were on display for the BIG night! HA! The kids wrote about why their future is so bright and what they have to look forward to. You can grab the writing prompts and craft templates HERE.

When the kids brought their families to the classroom, they each found a pair of sunglasses with this little tag attached. You should have seen their faces light up and make the connection between their writing and the surprise! Priceless! Thank you to Molly from Lessons With Laughter for the adorable tags!

I also enjoy having the kids create self portraits of themselves. I did a directed drawing lesson with them and look how fabulous they all turned out! I decided to hide each student's name. Instead, I put a sticker that said, "Who Am I?" on the front. When the parents came into the room, they had to find their child among the portraits. It was so sweet to see the kids give clues to their parents. Some found their child on the first try! 

Each student also created their own Math About Me board to display for Open House. You can read a more detailed post HERE and grab a FREEBIE too!  The kids loved presenting their posters to the class and explaining the important numbers in their lives.

Even if your school doesn't have any event called "Open House", link up and share your ideas and pictures from Parent Night, Family Night, Back To School Night and more! I'd love to see what ideas you have too!

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Math About ME

Open House was this week and I was so excited for my students to show off all that they had learned so far this school year.I have a TON of pictures to share with you, but that blog post will be coming. In the meantime, I wanted to share a project I had my kids do (with some guidance from their parents) for our big event! I call it MATH ABOUT ME. Each child gets a foam poster board and finds pictures of himself or herself. They decorate the board with the pictures and items that represent their personality. Next, they write captions using NUMBERS about their life. For example, one child took a picture of all 57 books they had in their bedroom. Another child smiled in a picture to show 8 teeth had already fallen out. The kids get very creative with the things they can show with numbers in their life. 
Here are a couple sample posters.
This student showed the number of people in her family, her birthday etc...

This student used numbers to show the number of teeth he has lost, number of friends, how much he weighs etc.
This student showed their favorite number is 102, their phone number, number of books they own etc.
I always look forward to how the kids are going to represent themselves on their posters. The parents and kids also love looking at the different posters at Open House. It gives them an opportunity to learn more about one another. If you would like the project directions and a copy of the letter I send home, just click HERE for your FREE copy.
I make sure to tell all the kids that the questions are just suggestions of ideas they can use. They don't have to answer all the questions. They can create their own questions and make it meaningful to them. I hope you guys have fun with this project and look forward to seeing what your students create. Enjoy!

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Another freebie you can grab is my Author's Purpose Posters. I have these posted on my literature board in class. We refer to them each week when we are reading our text and stories. I place them on a metal ring, so I can easily rotate them when necessary.

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Together We Are Better Linky!

I am so excited to be linking up with Ashley and Angie, as well as, some awesome bloggers this month. We are starting this month linky off strong with the topic of ....

First and foremost, a general schedule is so important to establish starting on the first day of school. Kids love to know what is going to be happening throughout the day. I always post our specific agenda on the board each day. I also have a general agenda posted by the door. 
Here is an example:
This is when the kids turn in their homework, eat breakfast (yes, this is served by the teacher, in the classroom) and work on their warm up. Their warm up consistent of various activities as the year goes on. I get these resources from TpT. I use the second grade morning work packet from Second Store Window. I also use close reading passages later in the year from Primarily Speaking and Lucky to Be in First.  My students have a folder in their desk with the warm up for the week. They know to do the next page in their packet. After warm-up time, we review and go over the answers together.

The rest of the morning is devoted to our language arts program. We are mandated by our district to use our scripted program California Treasures. I definitely pick a choose the components I will spend more and less time on depending on the level of my class each year. I also HEAVILY supplement with TpT materials I have created and found online. 

Depending on the lessons for the week, this sometimes gets pushed to the afternoon. But it is a good time for us to use our reading and language interactive notebooks. I also get time to pull students for fluency checks and an intervention that is needed. This time period flies by fast, so it needs to be well planned out. It is the perfect amount of time to have a short directed lesson for writing. And then it gives the students an opportunity to practice the skill on their own.

We come in from lunch and have a 5 minute "rest" time. The lights are off and I play lullaby music for the kids. This gives them time to calm down from the craziness of lunch before they must focus on our math lesson. Our district math series is Envision. I follow our district pacing plan and HEAVILY supplement it, as well. I use math centers I have created to supplement the lessons. I also love using task cards to review skills with the kids. Once or twice a week, we also work in our interactive notebooks.

5. SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: (usually 2-3 times a week)
On many days, this gets integrated into our language arts time. On the days we have P.E,, art, music etc. I don't usually get to a formal lesson. For science, we are supplied with FOSS kits and we have a social studies series that I don't rely one because there is no text for each student to use. So again, I HEAVILY supplement, thanks to TpT.

The rest of the day is review and closing the day. We go over homework and pack up. Ta-dah! What does your schedule look like? Make sure to link up and share it with all of us too!