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I am so excited to be linking up with Ashley and Angie, as well as, some awesome bloggers this month. We are starting this month linky off strong with the topic of ....

First and foremost, a general schedule is so important to establish starting on the first day of school. Kids love to know what is going to be happening throughout the day. I always post our specific agenda on the board each day. I also have a general agenda posted by the door. 
Here is an example:
This is when the kids turn in their homework, eat breakfast (yes, this is served by the teacher, in the classroom) and work on their warm up. Their warm up consistent of various activities as the year goes on. I get these resources from TpT. I use the second grade morning work packet from Second Store Window. I also use close reading passages later in the year from Primarily Speaking and Lucky to Be in First.  My students have a folder in their desk with the warm up for the week. They know to do the next page in their packet. After warm-up time, we review and go over the answers together.

The rest of the morning is devoted to our language arts program. We are mandated by our district to use our scripted program California Treasures. I definitely pick a choose the components I will spend more and less time on depending on the level of my class each year. I also HEAVILY supplement with TpT materials I have created and found online. 

Depending on the lessons for the week, this sometimes gets pushed to the afternoon. But it is a good time for us to use our reading and language interactive notebooks. I also get time to pull students for fluency checks and an intervention that is needed. This time period flies by fast, so it needs to be well planned out. It is the perfect amount of time to have a short directed lesson for writing. And then it gives the students an opportunity to practice the skill on their own.

We come in from lunch and have a 5 minute "rest" time. The lights are off and I play lullaby music for the kids. This gives them time to calm down from the craziness of lunch before they must focus on our math lesson. Our district math series is Envision. I follow our district pacing plan and HEAVILY supplement it, as well. I use math centers I have created to supplement the lessons. I also love using task cards to review skills with the kids. Once or twice a week, we also work in our interactive notebooks.

5. SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: (usually 2-3 times a week)
On many days, this gets integrated into our language arts time. On the days we have P.E,, art, music etc. I don't usually get to a formal lesson. For science, we are supplied with FOSS kits and we have a social studies series that I don't rely one because there is no text for each student to use. So again, I HEAVILY supplement, thanks to TpT.

The rest of the day is review and closing the day. We go over homework and pack up. Ta-dah! What does your schedule look like? Make sure to link up and share it with all of us too!


  1. I love hearing/seeing that SO many other people's SS/Science time is integrated into Language Arts time! I always worry that I don't make enough time for it on its own, but after hopping through these posts, I see that everyone else seems to do the same!! :) Thank you SO much for linking up with us, Jaime!! :)

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  2. I loved reading this post Jaime! That is kind of neat that you serve your students breakfast...I bet you get to see a nice side to them right away in the morning. What a great time to talk about their morning to start the day! Thanks for linking up with us!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

  3. I must confess I am so jealous to see how early you get out. I may have to move to CA and teach there :)
    It looks like you have a nice and balanced schedule. We too switch SS and SCI times, and supplement with TPT.
    My Second Sense