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Open House was this week and I was so excited for my students to show off all that they had learned so far this school year.I have a TON of pictures to share with you, but that blog post will be coming. In the meantime, I wanted to share a project I had my kids do (with some guidance from their parents) for our big event! I call it MATH ABOUT ME. Each child gets a foam poster board and finds pictures of himself or herself. They decorate the board with the pictures and items that represent their personality. Next, they write captions using NUMBERS about their life. For example, one child took a picture of all 57 books they had in their bedroom. Another child smiled in a picture to show 8 teeth had already fallen out. The kids get very creative with the things they can show with numbers in their life. 
Here are a couple sample posters.
This student showed the number of people in her family, her birthday etc...

This student used numbers to show the number of teeth he has lost, number of friends, how much he weighs etc.
This student showed their favorite number is 102, their phone number, number of books they own etc.
I always look forward to how the kids are going to represent themselves on their posters. The parents and kids also love looking at the different posters at Open House. It gives them an opportunity to learn more about one another. If you would like the project directions and a copy of the letter I send home, just click HERE for your FREE copy.
I make sure to tell all the kids that the questions are just suggestions of ideas they can use. They don't have to answer all the questions. They can create their own questions and make it meaningful to them. I hope you guys have fun with this project and look forward to seeing what your students create. Enjoy!

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