10 Amazon Classroom Favorites

If you're a teacher, you are probably somewhat obsessed with Amazon...if not completely obsessed with it, like I am! Pretty much everything you could need or want is just a click away and delivered within hours or a day (if you have Prime). I wanted to share some of my favorite Amazon finds because who knows, maybe there will be something you can't live without for your classroom too!

amazon classroom supplies
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amazon magnetic pockets
These magnetic pockets are great for vocabulary words, picture cards, sound cards, or items you don't want to forget to use throughout the day. I have one that holds the brag tags I want to pass out to my students throughout the day. 

amazon adhesive magnets
I love using magnetic dots! I put them on anchor charts, our classroom jobs, posters etc. Anything I want to move around, magnetic adhesives go on the back. 

amazon basics flair pens
I love me some Flair pens! BUT, they dry out so quickly. These Amazon Basics flair-like pens are awesome! I think they write better than regular Flair pens. They are WAY cheaper! And they last longer! Give them a try! They come in tons of different colors too!

whiteboard magnetic numbers
I used to write the date on the board with dry erase marker each day. By the end of the day, half of it had been worn off or erased. Super annoying. Then I started using magnetic numbers and letters. Game changer! I don't have to worry about it disappearing throughout the day. It takes two seconds to change at the end of the day and I am ready to go. 

magnetic borders
I simply love my magnetic borders! I wish I had purchased them sooner. It adds some warmth to a drab white board that the kids have to look at all day. It's like adding curtains to a window. It changes the whole feel of the room. 

This pencil sharpener is a game changer! I simply LOVE it! It is the only one that has held up for me. Most only last a school year. This bad boy has lasted 3 years so far! I did put this special reminder on the front of it. YELLOW PENCILS ONLY! Those adorable painted or wrapped pencils, colored pencils and crayons are NOT allowed. They ruin the sharpener quickly and then you are off to buy a new one. Trust me. I have lived it. Invest in a great sharpener and take care of it!

I use labels for EVERYTHING! From student folders, to art projects, to composition books, you name it, I label it! It's just a time saver! I used to write out the students' names on everything. Now I print a page of 30 labels with each student's name on it at the beginning of the year. They are always ready and I just slap them on and go! 

personal laminator
This is a no brainer. Having your own personal laminator is a MUST! This is something I double up on.... one for home and one for the classroom. I have had my Scotch laminator for years. It gets a crazy amount of use. It's still going strong. 

Having your own lamiator gives you flexibility. You don't have to wait for the school laminator to warm up or be free to use. If your school is anything like mine, it is usually out of lamination film and can't be used. Trust me, this is a life changing purchase. You will love it!

These dry erase pockets are the best! They save on copies and the kids love using them. I put them out in centers. This way I don't have to make a class set of papers and the kids can answer and check their work. 

paper trimmer
Investing in a quality paper trimmer will just save you time. I have one in my classroom and one at home. You can cut through a stack of paper at one time. And...you can even cut through lamination if you purchase a quality paper trimmer. 

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favorite amazon classroom supplies

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