Tips & Freebies for Distance Learning At Home

Considering all that is going on in the world right now with COVID-19, I know most schools have started to implement a digital distance learning platform for awhile. I thought I would put together some online resources I am using with my students and share some strategies I am using with them. 
I have also included some freebies at the end, as well!

It is important to keep in mind that we all have very different student populations. I work at a Title 1 school, but I have many students that have access to technology at home, as well as many students who do not. During this time, our school has made devices accessible for all students by lending them out if parents came to sign for them and pick them up. Also, I know many internet companies, are providing free internet access to students for distance learning. 


Podcasts are a great learning tool for students to use at home. Choose a podcast for your students to listen to (or have them choose from a variety you give them) and have them fill out a quick podcast brochure to document what they learned. Podcasts are high interest and engaging. They allow students to practice and hone in on those listening skills, while creating independent choice and  allowing them to reflect on their learning. Some favorite podcasts are:
  • But Why? A Podcast for Curious Kids
  • Brains On! Science Podcast for Kids
  • KiDNuZ
  • What If World
  • Story Time

Khan Academy is a free site I use to help supplement math curriculum for my students. There are short videos which teach lessons and can be followed up with practice exercises and quizzes. It can be tailored to individual student needs and provides extra practice with concepts taught in class.

Newsela is a subscription program that is currently FREE during distance learning! It offers meaningful, high-interest non-fiction articles that meet students at their reading level. At the same time, it combines real-time formative assessments with the differentiation your students need to be successful!

Vooks is an amazing online site which brings storybooks to life for children ages 2-8! The library is ever growing and helps students with their pacing of reading, connections between words and text and most importantly, life lessons. Use the link to sign up for your FREE subscription TODAY!

My students LOVE Mystery Science. Right now, they are offering several free lessons and mini lessons to teachers and parents for use at home during the time of coronavirus. Click HERE to access them.

Brainpop is currently offering FREE use during this time. It has engaging videos on various subjects to help teach different topics and skills. You can attach a link to Google Classroom, your district online system, a message or even to an email.

Scholastic has made many of their resources free for teachers to use during school closures. Make sure to check them out at Scholastic Learn At Home: Free Resources.

Here are 3 FREE resources to help you get started with Podcasts and Distance Learning Norms and Lesson Planning. You can get access to these resources by putting your email into the pop up form that is on your screen when you first come to my blog. You will be emailed a password and gain access to these resources and many more, which you can download for FREE!



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