Helpful Hints and a FREEBIE

  I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share some helpful teaching tips with each of you. 

The one thing I find the most helpful with the transition to Common Core is a checklist of my grade level standards. I keep them in a three-ring binder with my daily plans. I check them off as I plan to teach them and when I assess each standard. Having it right at my fingertips makes it easy to use. It also creates a living history of documentation for conferences, evaluations, report cards etc.

2. Organize Monthly Projects and Ideas in Binders.

When I first started teaching, I put each of my projects in a file folder and labeled it with the activity name. Then, the files went into my file cabinet, never to be found again. Either, I couldn't remember the name I filed it under or it would get smashed with all the other files in the drawer. 
A few years ago, I started to file everything in binders. I have labled the binders into Monthy Projects, ELA Centers, Math Centers, Writing Ideas and Grammar. Next, I tabbed them by months or subject area. I am personally keeping Avery in business with all the plastic sleeves I have purchased. However, nothing gets lost and I can grab what I need at a moments notice and copy it.


I also want to share a little FREEBIE I created to use in my class this week. We are reviewing main idea and details this week, so I thought I would bring a bit of the Thanksgiving spirit into our lesson. My kids are each going to make a turkey. They will write the main idea of our weekly story on the body and 4 details on each of the feathers. You can use this with your reading series story or with one of your favorite Thanksgiving stories. Click on the picture to grab your copy! Enjoy!


  1. You are one organized gal! I love your binders; I'm sure you are always able to find things quickly and easily! And, your freebie is amazing!!

    Primarily Speaking