It's Time for Ghoulish Fun!

One of my favorite times of year is just upon us....that's right my friends, Halloween! Halloween is a HIGE event in our neighborhood! So big, that tour busses drop people off to trick or treat in our neighborhood. Now, our 'hood is not like Candy Cane Lane at Christmas time, but people get into it. We always have a gathering at our house with families from our kids' school and some of our friends. Each year, I search for new ideas to make the party better than the last. Pinterest has been a savior the last couple years. Here are a few of my favorite finds so far:

I made these Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats last year. The kids loved them and they were a hit!. You need a lot of green food coloring to get them the right shade of green.

I also made these mandarin orange cup jack-o-lanterns. These are great school treats because they are a healthy alternative to candy. All you do is draw jack-o-lantern faces on each of the cups and arrange them in a cute halloween bowl. Ta-dah!

scarecrow cookies super cute, maybe send in for Halloween Party
I thought these looked super cute too! Here is the SOURCE.

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How cute are these? Easy peezie and adorablness all in one package. SOURCE

Fotolia 34608784 XS 31 Days of Halloween: Halloween Martini
Now, let's get to the good part. Halloween is not all about the kids. I found this drink recipe on Pinterest. Here is the SOURCE. Looks yummy to me!

I would love to find some ideas for main dishes and side dishes for the party. We are getting pizza for the kids and making ghostly red velvet cupcakes (picture to come). Last year I made butternut squash lasagna and salad for the adults. The lasagna is a good make it ahead of time dish. I would love to hear some of your ideas? What are you making for Halloween?


  1. Love love LOVE your ideas! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. All of these ideas are super cute and fun! I can see why Halloween on your street is a big deal! It's usually pretty quiet in our neck of the woods, and last year we didn't even stick around to see the foot traffic because we took Little Peanut to a Harvest Festival at church. Maybe you should make your grown up guests some grown up pizza (pesto sauce instead of tomato, fancy cheeses, artichokes, etc). Whatever you decide, it will be a hit!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. You're Frankies are just too darn cute to eat! I can see why they were a hit! Thanks for sharing these adorable treat and party ideas! I'll be ordering a pizza that night and passing out candy to all of the neighbor kiddies who stop by their teacher's house! We have billions of kids in our subdivision and it seems that many drive here from other neighborhoods to trick-or -treat but no tour bus! Holy cow! Most of the neighbors go all out decorating and partying too! After the classroom party, I am spent, so no cooking or partying for me! Your lasagna sounds wonderful, Jaime. I just love butternut squash. Can I place an order with you for delivery? :) And a Frankie for dessert?

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  4. The correct link to my Halloween tags is:

    Thanks for showcasing them!