Gobbling Up Main Idea and Details & a Giveaway

Last night I wrote a quick post about a FREEBIE festive main idea and detail craft I had posted and today I am back to share the lesson details with you. Without further adieu...Gobbling Up Main Idea and Details.

We have been working on main idea and details all throughout the school year. It seems my kiddos can never get enough practice with this skill. Today, however, I think I had a breakthrough with my entire class. 

I paired my little gems into groups of two. I gave each group a non-ficition fluency card. They read the card to one another. Then, on their whiteboards, they needed to write the main idea of the passage, along with four details. I walked around and monitored the groups to make sure they were on the right track.

Next, we cut out and glued our turkeys together. I did this first because I wanted the kids to be able to have a concrete space to write their details. I didn't want the kids to write the details on their feathers and then glue the feathers on and have the words covered up.

This was my sample that I made the day before. I decided to use some of the orange scrap paper to make a beak on each turkey. I just had the kids cut a square from their orange paper that was left over and fold it, to make the beak. I think they turned out pretty cute and my kids are much more confident picking out the main idea from a story now!

I posted them with the common core "I can" statements here. 

Click on the picture or the link above to download your copy! 

Now for the giveaway!!! My sweet friend, Heather, over at Second Grade Perks is having a great giveaway "write" now. You could win this amazing pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies. Head on over and enter so you can have one in your classroom too! You will love it!


  1. You are so sweet! Thanks Jaime. And thanks for the adorable freebie too! My kids will love this.

  2. Thanks for the great idea for main idea and details! Where did you purchase your non-fiction fluency cards?

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

    1. They cards are from Lakeshore. They are called Building Fluency Kit for grades 1-3.

  3. Thank you for this cute learning activity. You are so clever! I have those same cards. I never thought to use them that way. You have inspired me to dig them out! :)

    Creative Lesson Cafe