Frank N. Stein Writing

I love Halloween and I love getting the kids in the mood for Halloween too! I found this great pack of activities from Amy Lemons which had this adorable writing activity in it. I started this lesson by reading my students this book Frankie Stein by Lola Schaefer
If you don't have this book, it is a must read for your students during Halloween. Your kids will love it. After the story, the kids made their own Frankenstein heads.

I wanted the kids to write a descriptive story about Frankenstein. We have been discussing adjectives and describing words for the last week and I wanted to connect the two concepts together. We brainstormed adjectives and used this anchor chart to help them get their ideas down on paper.

The students wrote their rough drafts. Some were able to peer edit and others needed adult help. When they were finished, their final copies were displayed with the head of their Frank N. Stein. 

I have never seen my kiddos so eager and excited to get down and write! They loved sharing their stories as well. 


  1. What a cute writing project. I am writing down the title down and pinning this idea :)
    Love your handrwiting!
    My Second Sense

  2. These Frankensteins are ADORABLE. My son wants to be Frankenstein for Halloween. I had to show him your cute project.
    I have an awesome giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out!
    The Hive