Candy Corn Math Fun

The last few days we have been reviewing place value in math. We have been looking at patterns in our hundreds charts, breaking two digit numbers into expanded form, and comparing and contrasting numbers. I saw this adorable activity from Nancy at First Grade Wow and had to do it with my kids because it fit perfectly with our lessons and the time of year. Nancy is so generous. She has it as a freebie. If you want your copy, just click on the link.

As you can see, each child chose a two digit number, then broke it down into tens and ones and then showed the number in expanded notation. They loved every minute of it and even enjoyed a few pieces of candy corn. YUM!


  1. Thanks for sharing this.....headed over to Nancy's blog to pick it up!

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to totally have my kids do that in the next couple weeks!

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