Laminators and Pumpkins OH MY!

As many of you know, I have been wanting a personal laminator for awhile now. I have read so many blog posts from all of you, explaining the absolute love you have for each of your laminators. Our laminator at school broke at the beginning of the school year and it is not being fixed anytime soon. So the need for my own laminator is a MUST. My mom has been taking my laminating to Lakeshore for me and needless to say, it is a bit annoying to have to go there all the time. I was super excited when Jeannine at Creative Lesson Cafe was having a giveaway for a Paper Monster laminator from MyBinding. I crossed my fingers and entered her giveaway and look what arrived on my doorstep last night!!!

I opened the box and to my delight I found ALL of this inside it!

I had brought things home to laminate over the weekend so instead of driving to a store to have it done, I got to do it in the comfort of my own house!

The Papermonster laminator is amazing! First, decal stickers come with it so you can personalize it and make it your own. It adds a bit of personality to the already awesome machine.  Another great feature,  it can laminate 11x17 poster size items as well! This machine is so super easy to use. It takes all of 5 minutes or less to warm up. I put my items to laminate in a sleeve and in it went. Seconds later, my perfectly laminated items were smiling at me from the other end!

Tada!  I am one giddy school girl over here! Thank you Jeannine and MyBinding! 

Also this week, I made pumpkin glyphs with my kiddos. We stuffed them to make them 3D and hung them in our room. The kids loved making them and graphing the data.

I am currently working on a little something to share with all of you for Thanksgiving! Hopefully it will be done in the next week. Keep your eyes open for it! Have a great weekend everyone!