Five For Friday Fun!

I am so thrilled to be writing this! Friday could not come soon enough! While many of you are on Spring Break soaking up some beautiful sun rays, I still have 2 weeks to go before I can relax and join in the fun. And let me tell you that seems like an eternity, right now!

I feel like I have been horrible about taking pictures these last couple of weeks. I have no reason or good excuse. Hmmm...maybe I should think of one...... is what has been going on in my neck of the woods...

1. We have been working with time a few days this week. We created our own daily schedules. The kids wrote the analog and digital time for each activity. Then, they put them in the order they occurred each day. This was a great hands-on way to get my kiddos to estimate time and provided a great visual for them.

2. To add some fun and rigor to our time unit, I just finished creating Telling Time task cards sets. I was able to get them printed and laminated for the kids to use today! I love how these cards turned out because I can differentiate for all the different levels in my classroom. There are cards for the hour, half hour and 5 minute intervals. Some questions are free response and some are multiple choice. 

3. We are continuing our life cycles unit with butterflies this week. We have been reading several informational text pieces about the butterfly's life cycle and migration patterns, as well as the fictional story Farfallina and Marcel. The kids are loving the activities: flap book, paper bag book and more. They are all part of my Life Cycles unit.

4. I am all signed up and booked for the TpT Conference in Vegas in July! Are you? If you are undecided, let me help you out....YOU HAVE TO BE THERE TOO! Sign up this weekend it get the Early Bird pricing. You won't regret it!
teachers pay teachers

5.This is not school related at all and I am sorry for bringing it up, but I need to share..... Our sweet baby girl is so sick. We have tried everything to make her better, but she has cancer that keeps coming back. We did surgery in December to see if it would help, but it is back in full force. She has been with our family since she was 8 weeks old. Now, she is just shy of her 12th birthday. I really was hoping she would make it 'til then, but I don't think that is going to happen. My heart is aching with sadness as we battle this daily. My boys don't know life without her. 
Sorry for ending on a sad note. I just needed to purge my feelings. This has been an emotional roller coaster and sometimes it is hard to keep it together. Thank you for listening.

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Spring is in the Air! Time for a Sale!

I have heard through the blogging grapevine that a sale is a brewin'! So, naturally I jumped on board and joined in the fun! It is time for some spring cleaning my friends! I am ready to clear my TpT wish list. How about you?

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Getting Ready for THIRD Grade: Summer Activities to review during summer

My Future is So Bright Craftivity and Writing

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Five For Friday Fun & a Freebie

Oh I love thee.... Thank heavens this week has come to a close. I was SLAMMED this week and I am ready to get the weekend started! 

1. Yesterday was Open House! I don't know about you, but as much as I prepare for this, I am always a nervous nelly. I leave for work early, I have my clothes laid out the night before, lunches are packed ahead of time for my own children etc... I want the day to go as smooth as possible. Well... this is how my morning started:
Yes, this is my beautiful tire with a nail in it!!! Ain't nobody got time for this, especially with Open House! Thank goodness my sweet hubs was able to help me out and take care of it while I was at work! Bless him!

2. On to Open House....
I always have my kids make self portraits and write All About Me poems to share with their parents. This year was no exception, but I totally forgot about it until the day of Open House. Um...hello... what was I thinking? We spent the whole day getting them ready and they turned out fantastic!
I do a step by step directed drawing lesson with them. I explain proportions, sizing, and placement. Then, I demonstrate how to use oil pastels and shading. I am SO proud of my little guys. They rocked this assignment. Grab your copy of the template HERE!

3. We continued working on our life cycles unit by planting our lima bean seeds in our greenhouses. My mom bought these adorable greenhouses from Lakeshore years ago. When she retired, I was the lucky recipient! I use them every year. The kids love watching their seeds sprout with just a wet paper towel!

4. We celebrated Pi Day today with a cross age activity with our school's ninth graders. The high schoolers came in and led a lesson. The kids counted different amounts of money with their partners. This was great because we just recently finished our money unit. At the end of the lesson, the kids had to show a specific amount of money to "buy" a real slice of pie! The best!

5. There are still a few more hours left for you to enter our Product Swap giveaway. It ends tonight at midnight EST. You could win one of my math interactive notebooks of your grade level choice AND Aris's (Sailing Into Second) Map Unit! Click HERE to enter!

Be sure to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share your week in pictures too!

Swap 'Til You Drop- A Product Swap Giveaway!

Are you ready to swap 'til you drop? A few of my blogging buddies and I joined together to bring you some blog hopping fun this week! Eight sets of partners paired up to review some incredible products to share with you. Sit back, relax and Swap 'Til You Drop from the comfort of your home. 

I was super excited when I was paired up to swap products with my sweet blogging friend, Aris, from Sailing Into Second. She is a very talented woman with some very creative ideas to share. I chose to review her Maps, Continents and Communities Unit.
I am not sure about any of you out there, but my kids have the HARDEST time understanding the concept of states, countries, and continents. I don't know why, but it completely shocks me every year when I teach it to them. I have to say that this unit was GREAT to help me break that cycle with my students. Hallelujah! Thank you, Aris!

We started the unit by going over key vocabulary terms. The packet comes with vocabulary cards and definitions. There are also directions to play a vocabulary matching game, which my kids loved! It really helped them to remember the terms and how to use them. 

We also discussed and reviewed "big ideas" about maps and wrote our ideas out. We brainstormed together as a class. Then, the kids wrote their own sentences. 

The packet also addresses the continents and oceans. We created this world map together. I had kids come up to the board and show where each place was located. Then the kids labeled their map by gluing the names in the correct spot. After our world maps were labeled, I used another blank map as an assessment. Aris, has included directions on how to color each of the continents. I gave the directions orally. For example, I said, "color the continent of Africa red". This was a great quick assessment and instantly showed me who understood what we had learned. 

After learning about the continents, we headed into our neighborhood and learned about the compass rose and using directions and a map key. We worked together to complete this activity, also included in the pack.

I also just introduced the concept of urban, suburban, and rural areas. I used these anchor charts as a visual understanding for my students. We will be using the writing pages included in the pack, next week to check for their understanding.

This packet has it all. If you need any resources to teach the different aspects of map skils, this is the packet for you! Look no further!

Make sure to head on over to Sailing Into Second, and check out Aris's review of my 3rd Grade Math Interactive Notebook. This packet covers all the grade level standards with activities and example pictures to help guide instruction and review. One lucky winner will get to receive a copy of their grade level choice!!!

Now, here are the details for the giveaways!

1. Start anywhere on the map below.
2. Stop by each blog and read about the products swapped between each set of bloggers.
3. Enter to win the resources that are featured by each blog pair. Each pair of bloggers has the same raffle, so you only have to enter on one of the two blogs.While you are at each blog, if you are not already a follower, sign on to follow!
4. The raffles are open until midnight March 15th.

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