Five For Friday Fun & a Freebie

Oh I love thee.... Thank heavens this week has come to a close. I was SLAMMED this week and I am ready to get the weekend started! 

1. Yesterday was Open House! I don't know about you, but as much as I prepare for this, I am always a nervous nelly. I leave for work early, I have my clothes laid out the night before, lunches are packed ahead of time for my own children etc... I want the day to go as smooth as possible. Well... this is how my morning started:
Yes, this is my beautiful tire with a nail in it!!! Ain't nobody got time for this, especially with Open House! Thank goodness my sweet hubs was able to help me out and take care of it while I was at work! Bless him!

2. On to Open House....
I always have my kids make self portraits and write All About Me poems to share with their parents. This year was no exception, but I totally forgot about it until the day of Open House. Um...hello... what was I thinking? We spent the whole day getting them ready and they turned out fantastic!
I do a step by step directed drawing lesson with them. I explain proportions, sizing, and placement. Then, I demonstrate how to use oil pastels and shading. I am SO proud of my little guys. They rocked this assignment. Grab your copy of the template HERE!

3. We continued working on our life cycles unit by planting our lima bean seeds in our greenhouses. My mom bought these adorable greenhouses from Lakeshore years ago. When she retired, I was the lucky recipient! I use them every year. The kids love watching their seeds sprout with just a wet paper towel!

4. We celebrated Pi Day today with a cross age activity with our school's ninth graders. The high schoolers came in and led a lesson. The kids counted different amounts of money with their partners. This was great because we just recently finished our money unit. At the end of the lesson, the kids had to show a specific amount of money to "buy" a real slice of pie! The best!

5. There are still a few more hours left for you to enter our Product Swap giveaway. It ends tonight at midnight EST. You could win one of my math interactive notebooks of your grade level choice AND Aris's (Sailing Into Second) Map Unit! Click HERE to enter!

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  1. Jamie - So sorry to hear about your crazy morning on open house..ugh! At least it's over though. Your open house looks great. I bet the parents loved it. BTW I used your interactive math/notebook journal this week. :o)
    Teaching and Much Moore

  2. I love your greenhouses!
    Sorry about your bad day! The day before open house my doctor asked me if I wanted to be induced to go into labor due to gestational diabetes and hypertension. I said, "Yes please, open house is tomorrow." HaHa!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  3. I am stressing out about ours (even though it's in May) since our 1st grade team is already planning and making things for Open House!! YIKES!! Thanks for the directed self-portrait idea! I will definitely be using it! SOO glad we got paired up for the swap! I've loved using your journal for the past few weeks and cannot wait to keep on using it for the remainder of the year. :)


  4. Bummer about your tire Jaime. That happened to me recently, but luckily it was an easy fix. I really love your little greenhouses. I'll have to see if they still carry them. Thanks for sharing your fun poem and ideas for open house. I like pie (famous teenager saying in my house)! :)

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  5. Nail in the tire! What?! That's no way to start the day of an Open House. We don't have an Open House, which is kind of a bummer. However, we do have Back to School Night and that is always super stressful. Those portraits turned out great! Especially considering that they were completed within a day. We usually do them at the beginning of the year, but I somehow forgot. Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to try to squeeze that in some time soon.

    Super Sparkly in Second