Five For Friday Fun!

I am so thrilled to be writing this! Friday could not come soon enough! While many of you are on Spring Break soaking up some beautiful sun rays, I still have 2 weeks to go before I can relax and join in the fun. And let me tell you that seems like an eternity, right now!

I feel like I have been horrible about taking pictures these last couple of weeks. I have no reason or good excuse. Hmmm...maybe I should think of one...... is what has been going on in my neck of the woods...

1. We have been working with time a few days this week. We created our own daily schedules. The kids wrote the analog and digital time for each activity. Then, they put them in the order they occurred each day. This was a great hands-on way to get my kiddos to estimate time and provided a great visual for them.

2. To add some fun and rigor to our time unit, I just finished creating Telling Time task cards sets. I was able to get them printed and laminated for the kids to use today! I love how these cards turned out because I can differentiate for all the different levels in my classroom. There are cards for the hour, half hour and 5 minute intervals. Some questions are free response and some are multiple choice. 

3. We are continuing our life cycles unit with butterflies this week. We have been reading several informational text pieces about the butterfly's life cycle and migration patterns, as well as the fictional story Farfallina and Marcel. The kids are loving the activities: flap book, paper bag book and more. They are all part of my Life Cycles unit.

4. I am all signed up and booked for the TpT Conference in Vegas in July! Are you? If you are undecided, let me help you out....YOU HAVE TO BE THERE TOO! Sign up this weekend it get the Early Bird pricing. You won't regret it!
teachers pay teachers

5.This is not school related at all and I am sorry for bringing it up, but I need to share..... Our sweet baby girl is so sick. We have tried everything to make her better, but she has cancer that keeps coming back. We did surgery in December to see if it would help, but it is back in full force. She has been with our family since she was 8 weeks old. Now, she is just shy of her 12th birthday. I really was hoping she would make it 'til then, but I don't think that is going to happen. My heart is aching with sadness as we battle this daily. My boys don't know life without her. 
Sorry for ending on a sad note. I just needed to purge my feelings. This has been an emotional roller coaster and sometimes it is hard to keep it together. Thank you for listening.

On a happier note, IT IS SPRING and I am joining many fellow bloggers and TpT sellers to bring you a HUGE Spring Cleaning Sale. So, clear off those wish lists and fill up your carts this weekend. My store is 20% off all weekend!


  1. I've been putting off the telling time unit with my second graders, since my group really wasn't ready, but I don't think I can avoid it any longer! That's so sad about your beautiful dog! I understand your need to vent, my thoughts are with your family.

    I can't wait til Vegas! Good luck on the sale!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. I'm sorry about your sweet dog. We lost our lab, Luke, after 14 years. He was my youngest's best friend and died the week after he left for college. It's as though his job of raising his boy was done. A sad day but very happy memories. My son came home for a visit recently and I noticed that he had Luke's dog tag as his key ring.

  3. I wish your fur baby was doing better. I remember the dog I grew up with going through something similar. It was rough to see in the end, and it was really devastating when he was finally gone. Vent away, it usually helps us come to terms with things. Thinking of you all!

    Primarily Speaking

  4. Praying for your dog. Best friends we could ever ask for.