10 Favorite Halloween Books For Your Primary Classroom

Halloween Read Aloud Books

Halloween is a time filled with excitement and anticipation, making it the perfect opportunity to engage your students through these entertaining read-aloud books. These stories not only embrace the spooky spirit of the season but also provide valuable lessons and promote creativity. I've gathered some of my favorite Halloween read-alouds to share with you. I hope you find some new titles to add to your classroom library. All the books below come with an affiliate link to Amazon.

Halloween read-aloud book
Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey
This humorous and heartwarming tale follows a dachshund named Oscar who faces teasing from his canine friends. With its message of self-acceptance and the importance of being true to oneself, "Hallo-Wiener" promotes empathy and overcoming adversity in a delightful Halloween-themed story.

Halloween book
Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds
In this suspenseful and amusing book, Jasper Rabbit begins to suspect that the carrots he loves to munch on might be following him. With its unexpected twists, "Creepy Carrots" keeps young readers engaged while also highlighting the power of imagination and conquering fears.

Halloween book
Capture the excitement and anticipation of Halloween night with this rhyming book that follows children as they prepare for a spooky evening of trick-or-treating. "The Night Before Halloween" is a delightful read-aloud that builds anticipation and embraces the traditions and excitement of this special holiday.

Halloween read aloud book
Where's My Mummy by Carolyn Crimi
Join Little Baby Mummy as he plays hide-and-seek with his mummy in a haunted Egyptian tomb. This charming and not-so-scary story promotes problem-solving, patience, and the importance of family bonds. With its playful illustrations and engaging narrative, it's sure to capture the imaginations of young readers.

Halloween read aloud book
Creepy Pair of Underwear by Aaron Reynolds
From the same author as "Creepy Carrots," this book tells the story of a young rabbit who thinks he's outgrown his old undies, only to discover they might have a life of their own. With its humor and relatable themes of growing up and facing fears, this book is perfect for Halloween and beyond.

Halloween read aloud book
Bone Soup by Cambria Evans
In this captivating twist on the classic folktale "Stone Soup," Finnigin the skeleton arrives in a town looking for a hearty meal. Through humor and creativity, "Bone Soup" teaches the importance of cooperation, resourcefulness, and sharing, making it an ideal choice for Halloween festivities.

Halloween read aloud book
From the same author as the "Bad Seed," this book tells the story of a young seed who usually looks forward to Halloween each year, but is struggling to find the perfect costume because all the good ones are already taken. He creates a plan to postpone Halloween to buy himself more time. Doing so may just help him to realize what Halloween is really about.

Halloween books for elementary classrooms
Delightfully illustrated, this whimsical book provides a guide on how to befriend a ghost. It celebrates friendship, empathy, and embracing differences, offering a gentle and friendly take on the Halloween season.

Halloween books for the elementary class
That Monster on the Block by Sue Ganz-Schmitt
This fun and colorful book introduce young readers to the friendly and misunderstood monsters living on their street. Through playful rhymes and vibrant illustrations, "That Monster on the Block" encourages acceptance, empathy, and celebrates diversity.

Halloween read alouds
At the Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman
Follow the brave protagonist as they navigate through an old haunted house filled with classic Halloween characters. This rhythmic and atmospheric tale will captivate young readers while introducing them to the spooky icons and themes associated with Halloween.

By sharing these fun-loving Halloween read-aloud books into your classroom, you'll engage and inspire your students during this festive season. These stories provide not only entertainment but also valuable lessons on friendship, self-acceptance, empathy, and problem-solving. So, gather your students and dive into the magical world of Halloween through these delightful books. 

Halloween Books for the elementary classroom

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