Write Away! & Descriptive Writing

I have spent most of my winter break relaxing and spending time with family. However, I also spent some time updating and revising some of my classroom resources. 
When I get back into the classroom next week (yes, we have a three week winter break), I want to focus heavily on writing skills. Writing is the one thing that always seems to get pushed to the back burner when "things come up." I think it has a lot to do with writing being subjective. Some kids have a hard time getting their thoughts down on paper. Some need a WHOLE LOT of direction and still struggle. Some kiddos whip right through it and produce beautiful stories and text (or not). It's a struggle to find that happy spot where everyone can be successful.

First thing we are going to do, is dive into descriptive writing. I want my kiddos to expand their sentences using interesting and meaningful words. I am going to use activities from my newly updated Time To Get Poppin' with Descriptive Writing pack. There is no better way to grab the kids' attention, than with food! This is a week long mini unit that uses the five senses and popcorn to get the kids writing. I use it every year and they go crazy for it!

After they get a bit more comfortable with descriptive writing, I am going to have them use those skills to help them practice writing an informative essay for our next district interim assessment that is on the horizon. They are going to be eating, breathing and, sleeping informative writing. I joke. But seriously, we need to get ready. I am going to use activities from my Write Away! series of writing prompts. 

I am going to use the informative pieces from the Winter Edition for practice. I love this packet because it has everything I need: student checklists, rubrics, prompts for all writing types, a craft and more! 

I am going to grab them hook, line, and sinker with the how to make a cup of hot chocolate writing prompt. I will bring in the ingredients for them to have a hands on experience. Hopefully, it will get their creative juices flowing. We will also make this adorable craft to display next to their writing.

I have redesigned all my Write Away! seasonal writing packs and BUNDLED them together at a discount too. Click on the picture for more details. 

Fingers crossed all my food lessons work! I will keep you posted. I would love to know how you teach writing in your classroom too. 

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