How To Survive The Week Before Winter Break

I am giddy with excitement that winter break is finally here! It is Sunday, and I am just now sitting down to write about my week....that is how busy I have been. 

One day last week, I just decided to scrap all my language arts lesson plans and decided to do art all morning! It was liberating and the kids were besides themselves with excitement. Anybody that knows me, knows that I HATE paint! That being said, this was a pleasure! I busted out my brand new watercolors (remember, I hate to paint), oil pastels, and covered the tables and we got to work. 

We made these adorable reindeer portraits you may have seen all over Pinterest and the blogging world. The kids were so proud of themselves. Once they were dry, I mounted them on black paper. The parents went crazy for them when we sent them home! Thank you to ARTventurous for the step by step directions and fabulous visuals! 

We also got to work on some winter classroom transformations! I like to have my room ready for January before we leave for winter break. All the holiday goodness that was displayed was taken down and handed out to the kids so they could take it home and enjoy it over break. When they return, they will see their snowman glyphs and poems on our bulletin board.
This activity is from my Let It Snow! Snowman Glyph and Writing Prompts packet

We also worked on our descriptive writing and use of adjectives with this writing activity from Aimee at Primarily Speaking. This is a freebie you can grab in her TpT store. These will also be up and hanging around the room for our January return.

And on top if all the holiday madness, it was my son's birthday! Friday night, there was slumber party craziness....pillow fights, basketball, video games, and junk food galore! Then, go carting racing the next day, to top it all off!

I think it is safe to say...I am VERY ready for a vacation! I hope all of you have an incredible holiday season and well deserved winter vacation!


  1. I used the reindeer idea as Christmas cards for parents this year and they turned out great. The kids did a great job! Yours did too, it's a lovely task. Happy holidays!

  2. Aww, thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you could use the freebie. Your students did a great job! I love those cute reindeer! It's never a bad thing to scrap the plans for some impromptu art. ;) I also love your snowman poems. Adorable!

    Primarily Speaking