What's On Your Wish List?

Who doesn't love a SALE?  I for one, can't wait for the TpT Cyber Sale to start! The big question is...How many times will I empty my cart at checkout over the next few days? My wish list is growing and I can't wait to start shopping. I'm linking up with Jivey to share my excitement!

Here is an inside look at what has been wish listed most in my store and what I have on my wish list.
The number one thing that has been wish listed from my store are my math interactive notebooks for FIRST, SECOND and THIRD grade.


They are all common core aligned, include sample pictures of every page and are simple to implement into your curriculum. I have math interactive notebooks available for grades kindergarten-fourth, as well as, bundled interactive notebooks for grammar and reading. Click HERE to see all the available choices.

My Future Is So Bright Writing Craftivity {Beginning AND E

This makes for an adorable bulletin board and it helps the kids reflect on how far they have some throughout the year.
The top MUST HAVE item on my wish list is Winter Nonfiction Close Reads by Aimee Salazar. I use close reads in the morning for warm up with the kiddos. These will be engaging and the perfect reading level for my second graders. I can't wait to use them! 
Nonfiction Close Reads for the Winter Months {CCSS Aligned}

What's on your wish list?

Cyber Monday Blog Hop Stop #7

Primary Powers and GoNoodle have created the dynamic duo! We are sharing all our best ideas on using GoNoodle. You have landed on hop stop #7! Or you can start from the beginning.

I discovered GoNoodle this summer. At first, I wasn't sure how I would use it in my classroom. It looked like fun. I knew my kids would get a kick out of it. But where was I going to find the time to integrate it into my day? 

Well, here is ONE way I use GoNoodle with my kiddos. We use a color clip chart for behavior management in my classroom.
The children move up and down this chart all day. I use GoNoodle as a way to encourage students to improve their behavior. The last five minutes of each day, we GoNoodle if everyone has shown great behavior OR corrected undesirable behavior. My kids have started helping one another make better choices and the tattling has been reduced. 

 We are mandated for our students to get 200 hours of physical education every 10 days. Sometimes it is very difficult to get outside and have structured P.E. time. The weather dictates a lot of what we can do outside. Also, our curriculum is jam packed. The GoNoodle Run With Us videos are a perfect way to sneak in a few minutes of physical movement each day.

Each Run With Us category has an introduction with a "real" athlete. They encourage the kids to be active and healthy. The kids love meeting the new athletes. I love that they are learning correct stretching, running and throwing techniques.

The kids love "racing" to the finish line and gathering medals along the way! The more we use GoNoodle, the better the kids get at doing their movements in their own "bubble space" and running in place. They cheer with joy when it is the end of the day and there is time for GoNoodle. I love that we are engaged, having fun, and contributing to our physical education minutes without any stress. Thank you, GoNoodle!

Starting on Cyber Monday, GoNoodle is offering all Primary Powers readers 30% off purchases from the GoNoodle shop through December 8th! Use the code POWERS30 at checkout to receive the discount PLUS a special gift from GoNoodle and Primary Powers. In addition to new shirts, tumblers, and other goodies for GoNoodling teachers, you can purchase afforable, pre-wrapped gift packs for students to bring a little GoNoodle love to your classroom the holiday season.

You can also enter to win a  GoNoodle Tumbler for you or someone in your class!

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Keep hopping! More great tips, free swag giveaways on every site, and a GREAT last stop! Your next stop is the amazing Chrissy from Buzzing With Ms. B!

Happy Noodling!

Weekend Warriors: November Necessities Day 2

Yesterday, I shared some of my CLASSROOM necessities. Today, I am opening the door to share some of my personal, "must-have" necessities. 

1. My iPhone
You have to understand how much I love my new iPhone 6. I just upgraded to the new iPhone last month. I was living in prehistoric times with the iPhone 4. No Siri, no 4G, no fast connection...My eyes have been opened with this bad boy. Life is so much easier.

2. Murad Face Products
I love this line of skin products. There are so many different series of products, that there is something for every skin type. I just placed my order for moisturizer with SPF and cleanser this week. It is something I have to use daily. It wakes me up. Makes me feel clean and ready for the day. AND...my skin feels great!

3. My Chi Flat Iron 
I would be a curly, frizzy mess without my flat iron. Believe it or not, I used to have stick straight hair. Not one little wave. People, I permed my hair as a kid. Seriously! Then... I had my two boys. My hair curled up and my straight hair was gone! Crazy, right? So, now I live and die by my flat iron. 

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Weekend Warriors: November Necessities

I am joining some of my blogging friends this weekend to bring you Weekend Warriors: November Necessities! 

There are several items I use in my classroom that I could NOT live without! 

1. One major necessity I must have to function in my classroom is BINDERS! If you follow my blog, you know my obsession with binders...big, small, medium, large....I don't care! I have to have my binders. They keep me organized and I can find anything at a moment's notice!  Costco and I are buddies. They carry my white binders in all sizes, all year round. This makes me one happy teacher!
Here are some of my math binders in action!

2. My second MUST HAVE necessity is my personal laminator and lamination pouches. I must have these at my finger tips at all times. So, I have one for my classroom and one for my home. Yes, I have two laminators. I know...I am a bit crazy but really it keeps me sane. 

Here is my school laminator:
My school lamintor is a Paper Monster laminator from My Binding. It is simple to use and I love that it came with decals so I could personalize it myself. 

My home laminator:
This was a gift last year from my mom! She knew how badly I wanted a laminator so she went all out and bought me a Lakeshore lamintor that I had been eyeing. This laminator is on the pricey side but so worth it. I have never had a jam (knock on wood) and it runs smoothly. I keep at least 2 boxes of laminating pouched on hand at all times, so I am never without the ability to put shiny, hot plastic on new classroom items! Hehe!

3. My CCSS checklists are my "go to" resource when I am doing my weekly planning. I love using them because they are so easy to use and they literally keep me "in check." I have them hole punched in a three-ringed binder (yes, no surprise there) with my lesson plans. After I teach or assess the standard, I check it off so I know when I covered it. The checklists cover all CCSS for ELA and MATH. 
If you would like to see your grade level CCSS checklists, click HERE.

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