How To Teach Author's Purpose: It's As Easy as P.I.E.!

Teaching author's purpose is tricky! I refer to it all year long. I have anchor posters on our reading concept board, but it is NOT enough! My students understand entertain. They have a strong understanding of inform. BUT, persuade....that's a toughie! I think it is more abstract to them. We don't really read that many text that specifically persuade a reader. 

So, we hit this topic hard this week. First, we reviewed our author's purpose posters. 

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Then we got down to work! We made flap books. 

The kids sorted different types of text and glued them under the corresponding author's purpose. The small group discussions were amazing! The kids were trying to convince one another why a certain text belonged with a specific author's purpose. It was awesome to listen to their reasoning and PERSUADE one another to think a certain way. We had a discussion about this afterward.

I don't have a TON of space to display things in my classroom. I put a few flap books up on our concept board, next to our anchor posters. This will allow the kids to use them as reference for other activities we will be doing next week. The rest of the students glued them into their interactive language notebooks. 

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Have a great week everyone!!!

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