Happy Halloween Weekend Sale + Five For Friday

 Say it ain't so! The last day of October is already here. I just can't believe it! We have been very busy in second grade this week. We finished up our district assessments and we even were able to squeeze in some Halloween fun!

We completed a little zombie graphing from my sweet friend Haley over at My Silly Firsties. The kids went cray-cray for this one. You can grab Haley's Zombie Data for your files by clicking on the link above. It's a must have!

We are having a huge Halloween bash at my house tonight. Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween. So, we invited our nearest and dearest who don't live in our 'hood to come experience Halloween with us. I made these bad boys for dessert. Now, I know I am no Martha Stewart, but I think these will do just fine!

I have FINALLY completed my FOURTH grade math interactive notebook!!! Can I get a "YEAH, BABY?!"  This has been a long time coming. It is my largest notebook yet... maybe that is why it took SO long to complete. It covers all the CCSS math standards for fourth grade and includes: sample pictures of every page, notebook cover, strand covers and tabs etc. It is over 170 pages of math goodness. Be sure to check it out and grab it while it is on sale!

I have had these number cards up in my classroom all year, but never got around to posting them in my store. I love these cards because they are so versatile. My students refer to them constantly for skills such as how to write number words, odd and even, patterning, skip counting and more. I wanted the number cards to be ink friendly, as well as, cute. I made them with a chalkboard background and a white background. Both Ten Frame Number Card versions are available in the one packet. 

AND... I saved the BEST for last! I wanted to welcome in November with open arms...so, my entire TpT store is 20% off this weekend! You can grab all the goodies you have been wanting at a discount this weekend! 

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

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Weekend Warriors: October Organization + a FREEBIE

There I said it! I am a binder addict! Is anyone in the same addict club as me? I hope I am not alone!
My classroom is a sea of white binders! 

I organize all my monthly projects, mini units, writing units and more in these babies! I love everything being at my finger tips at a moments notice. There is no hunting around to find that one item I need to teach a concept!

I have also organized my math series in binders! Each math topic has culminating craft templates, centers and enrichment activities behind the topic tab.

I just used these odd and even activities and centers last week. When I was planning, it was a breeze to find what I needed to copy. I just pulled out the plastic sleeve with the activities I wanted and off to the copy machine I went! 

I feel like the binders are such a time saver. Yes, they took time to organize initially, but definitely worth it in the long run.

If you would like some seasonal binder covers to help you get started organizing all your files, here is a little FREEBIE for you from my TpT store.

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Weekend Warriors: What Are We Organizing???

...our students OF COURSE!
How many of you try to keep those kiddos of yours organized? A messy desk makes me cringe. Papers shoved in every desk corner makes me want to scream! The moment my students step into my classroom on the first day of school, they are armed with organizational tools.

These 3 folders are life savers for my students and myself! 
The TAN folder is used for each student's daily WARM UP packet. The packet is given to them on Monday. Each day they enter the classroom, turn in their homework, and pull out their warm up folder. They know to work on the next page in the packet without any questions. This gives me time to take attendance, respond to notes or email, and get themselves settled independently. 

The YELLOW folder is their WRITING folder. Any time we are working on a writing piece it goes in here!

The RED folder (my favorite) is their UNFINISHED work folder. Any work that is not completed goes into this folder. It's bright and bold and RED, so they can't miss it. When they finish their class work, they pull out this folder first to see if they need to complete anything. On Fridays, (if I remember) any work that is not complete goes home with a note for completion over the weekend.

I love the endless possibilities with the color folders. I can add a new colored folder at any time. I have recently added a green folder for fluency practice, as well.

If you don't already use colored folders in your class, I hope you will give them a try and see your students' organizational skills soar!

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May the Force Be With You: Math Facts Fluency

Math facts fluency is one of the most dreaded things to teach for many teachers. I, however, love it in my classroom! But most importantly, my kids LOVE it! They look forward to their math facts test each week. They "remind" me every Thursday that it is math fact test time! If we run out of time on Thursday, there is a TON of moaning and groaning. I make it a point to not skip math facts tests!

The class goal is for each student to pass their leveled math test each week. They need to complete 50 problems in 3 minutes. This is a suggested time, but works best for most of my students. There are also 15 and 25 question pages to use as practice or as an assessment.

We keep a class chart to show progress towards mastery. Each time a student passes a test, they get a sticker next to their name. 
I also use individual student charts and keep them in a binder to track student progress. These are great for student conferences. It is a clear visual to show how many weeks a student is on each level or how quickly they are moving through the levels.

 To help with organization of the leveled tests, I pre-copy a class set of each level of the 50 question math tests so they are at my finger tips ready to go each week. I also have color coded sheet of flash cards for my kiddos copied. After they pass a level, I give them a new set of cards to cut out and put on a ring to keep at their desk to study throughout the week. 

After the students take their tests and they are corrected, they go home with one of these awards. If they pass their test they get a slip that congratulates them and tells them which level to study for the following week. If they don't pass, I give them the slip encouraging them to continue practicing for the same test next week. 

I have never seen students so excited to work on learning their math facts. It's a win-win for everyone! 

This packet is available for addition and subtraction AND multiplication and division.

If you would like to win a copy of one of these packets, leave a comment below with your email address and I will choose a winner before I go to bed tonight. 
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 May the Force Be With You...