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Weekend Warriors: "Pin It" Blog Button

Today, I am going to share with you how to create the "Official Pin It Hover Button" for Blogger! You know what I am talking about...those cute little red circles with the Pinterest "P" in the center. They appear on some blogs and websites when you hover over a picture. I am going to show you how easy it is for your blog to have it also!!

I always wondered how some websites had these awesome Pin It buttons for Pinterest on the pictures of their blog posts. Mine didn't. I wanted it. SO...I did a little research (aka Google) and I found this INCREDIBLE site Code It Pretty!

This site makes HTML code look like a breeze. Thank goodness because ain't nobody got time to learn HTML code. This site explains the pros and cons of all the different Pin It buttons. You can choose what works best for your needs and blog site. I really wanted the hover button to appear on my blog pictures. I decided to use BloggerSentral's Hovering Pin It Button tutorial. It literally took me all of 10 minutes to read and install on my blog! I accomplished all this while my seven year old was saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom, let's go play outside!!" You know those moments. You want to finish a task. Your kid doesn't care. Well, this worked out to be a win-win for everyone. 
I followed the step by step directions on the tutorial. 

1. I copied the HTML code in the tutorial I wanted to use.
2. I went into Blogger >Template>Edit HTML 
3.  I located the <body>
4. I pasted the code directly above <body>
6.Ta-dah! Happy Pinning!

Now, see how it works!
 I just had to share this! It is going to be one of my Monday Made Its this summer. Just hover over the picture and watch the Pinterest button appear. How cool is that? 
I love this wreath! 35 Back-to-School Ideas | Positively Splendid {Crafts, Sewing, Recipes and Home Decor}
How darn cute is this??? I found this on Pinterest and just knew I was going to have make one for my classroom door! The step by step directions can be found HERE at the Polka Dot Chair. I am going to decorate mine with turquoise and black items to match my classroom color scheme. I love that I can leave it up all year if I want OR change our the items I decorate it with to go along with the holiday of each month. I feel like there are so many choices!!!

I hope you are now inspired to install the Pin It button on your blog and see how it works for you! Don't forget to hop on over to read some more fabulous ideas from some of my sweet blogging friends. Enjoy!

Weekend Warriors: Pinspirational June- Classroom Style

I am so excited to be teaming up with some of my fabulous blogging friends to bring you a blog hop with incredible tips, tricks, and ideas the last weekend of each month! This month we are sharing inspirations from Pinterest to use in your classrooms and homes! Before I share some ideas, I have a confession....many of my ideas have been coming from Instagram. My posts this weekend will be a combination of Pinterest and Instagram inspiration.

I am always searching for new ways to organize myself and my classroom. Today, I am going to share some classroom organization ideas I found on Pinterest that I will be using this coming school year.
This is the first project I want to tackle once I can get back into my classroom. This brilliant idea of using ice bins from Walmart seems like a no-brainer to me! It looks so clean, organized and easy to use. I have NO idea how many I will need, but I am going to start stalking up! I wonder if they come in bright colors??? This picture is from Sara Ventrella of Miss V's Busy Bees.

this blog post has SO many tips for classroom library organization 
I also found this amazing blog post from the Kinder Craze Blog with a TON of great ideas of classroom library organization! I love the labels she used too! My main issue with my classroom library is it's size! It simply is not large enough to hold all my books. So, even though I LOVE the idea of using bins, I may only be able to use it for some of my collection. 

This idea is another life saver in my classroom. I took the idea from our own school library. The kids use "browsing sticks" when they are in the library. They hold the place of the book each student is reading. I would spend hours organizing my library. The next thing I knew, books would be shoved back into the shelves. They would get ruined and bent and my blood would boil. I had to come up with a way to help the kids keep the books organized. 
With the help of my mom, these little gems were created!

Materials needed:
-Wooden paint sticks (free at most home improvement stores)
-Spray paint of your color choice
-Decorative duck tape 
-Empty oatmeal container
-numbered circles

My dad drilled holes at one end of each paint stick for me. They we spray painted the sticks on both sides and sealed them with acrylic paint to give them some shine. While they were drying, we used the duck tape to decorate the empty oatmeal container. I also created and laminated the numbered circles (which can be found in my TPT store).  Then I hole punched each one at the top and tied it with ribbon to each stick. Ta-dah.....classroom library sticks to help my students stay organized!

My last tip was found on Instagram from Clutter Free Classroom.
I found these in the Target Dollar Bins this week. Now my sweet little kiddos will have adorable white board erasers. Brilliant, right? I will give each student one sock to use. No more shredded Kleenex, wasted wipes or paper towels. I can wash these babies throughout the year if needed and use them over and over again. I can't wait!

Now that you have a few new classroom organizational ideas, make sure to hop along and gather as many new tips and tricks as possible from my other blogging friends.


Hello sweet friends! Summer has finally arrived and relaxation is in FULL force for most of us. But, let's be honest, a teacher is never fully turned off, right? We are always planning or thinking ahead. I want to help you with those thoughts in your head. I have this very special ELA, MATH, and SCIENCE bundle that is going to make you leap for joy!

 This summer I teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you! It is loaded with great products to work with your kids on math, science, and some engineering activities!  This bundle is sure to kick start your planning in the right direction.

My products included in this bundle, will surely be loved by your students!
My first product, Earth Day LOVE, is full of activities, literacy centers and a writing craftivity to get your students excited about the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. This packet includes anchor charts, review of cause and effect, fact and opinion, ABC order and parts of speech. There is also an adorable craft to help students highlight their writing skills and knowledge about how to take care of the Earth. 

This bundle ALSO includes my Place Value Task Card sets. These 4 sets of 96 place value task cards are great to use for reinforcing understanding of number sense and place value, as well as, challenging those early finishers. Each set of task cards includes bonus questions, multiple choice and short answer responses. The cards include review of: odd and even, identifying correct place value of a given number, determining the value of a given digit, comparing numbers, expanded form, number words and skip counting by 5s, 10s and 100s.
You can laminate the cards and have students write the answers directly on the cards with dry erase markers OR they can use the included student recording sheets. Answer sheets for each set are included for self-checking if desired.

My amazing friend, Aris from Sailing Into Second also has her Maps, Continents and Communities unit as well as her Reach for the Stars space unit included in this bundle. You can read about them by clicking HERE.

For a limited time, this bundle is $24.99 from Educents which is about 77% off!  TWENTY-ONE products for early literacy, math, and science with 899 pages of materials ready for you to use! 


If you buy this YEAR LONG CURRICULUM bundle using THIS LINK, then I will send you a surprise product from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for FREE! And don't forget to become a TpT shop follower while you are there!

It's a WIN-WIN for everyone! Just forward your Educents confirmation to me at and I will send your surprise resource over to you as soon as I can!
HURRY...This offer ends on Thursday, July 11th!

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below! Now that much of your math and science lessons are already planned for you....just sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Summer Jammie Par-tay!!!

Hi friends! 
This post is NOT school related in any way! It is fun and out of the box! 
I am throwing a Jamberry nail party with the help of my blogging best, Aimee.

If you haven't heard of Jamberry, here is a quick overview:

*Jamberry wraps are nontoxic, vinyl wraps that stick to your nail with a little heat (hair dryer) and pressure.
*Once applied, they last about 2 weeks on your fingers and 6 on your toes!
*Jamberry wraps come in over 300 designs, including solids, sparkles, chevron and more!
*Each sheet should give you 2 manicures and one pedicure.
*Sheets are $15 each OR Buy 3, get 1 FREE!

As many of you know, A LOT of my life is spent at the baseball fields with my boys. This is one way I can show my team spirit!
Here is a look at my favorite Jamberry manicure:

Super cute, right? Jamberry is a fun and easy way to give yourself a trendy, DIY manicure! If you're interested in checking out what Jamberry has to offer, you can shop or just browse my PARTY!
Happy Summer!