Diggin' Into Next Year: Classroom Organization

This summer, I am teaming up with Laura from Where the Magic Happens and a great group of bloggers to bring you ideas for your classroom. Each week there will be a different theme. First up: Classroom Organization! 

Organize my language arts and math centers and monthly projects.

I LOVE my three ringed binders! They keep me organized and I can usually find things at a moments notice. 
My large main binders are for monthly projects, math topics, and language arts centers. I have smaller binders for specific topics such as main idea and details, grammar lessons etc.

Everything goes into plastic sleeves. This way I can easily take them out to make copies. It also is a great way for me to store the samples I make. 

This is something new I started this year. I have 5 table groups in my room. I bought 12 bins from Really Good Stuff and created labels for each table. I use 5 bins for my language arts centers and 5 bins for my math centers. This allows me to prep the centers ahead of time and make them mobile. The center bins can be used for early finishers or during structured center time as a whole group activity. I love the flexibility they provide. When we are not using them, they are stored in a book shelf for easy student access.

Now, I like to be organized and for the most part my system works for me, but there is always room for improvement. Nothing is perfect. I am always tweaking things to make them work better for me. As my binders grow, I have to remember to take out the ideas that didn't work, or I know I will never use again. Last year, I had one binder for language arts centers. Now I am up to three and they are busting at the seams. So, this summer I will be "investing" in more binders and making room for new ideas!


  1. I am investing in more binders as well, and those center containers. Yesterday I went to Walmart and purchased plastic sleeves, three more large binders and four more 1 " ones for specific topics. I think I want to use different colored bins for a Mon- Friday set of tubs for easily organizing the week ahead too. Still working on that one! I have 18 more school days, too. Here we go...!

  2. I like the bin storage idea for centers. I have a few similar things in place for math, and I'm not sure why I never thought to use it for literacy centers. Thanks!
    Not very fancy

  3. Nice blog post! I'm converting my 8 drawers of file cabinet files into hopefully 2 drawers and then from there I want to transfer and organize them into 3-ring binders. EEEK! I have a feeling that this project is going to take A LOT of time! I love the spine labels of your binders too by the way! I'd love it if you could take a look at my classroom organization post!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

  4. Jaime, your binders look so organized! Right now, all of my originals and samples are in file folders. I'm not totally in love with this system, but I'm not sure what would be the best way to store them! I may just have to give the binder idea a try! Thanks for sharing!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

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