Presidents' Day Activities & a FREEBIE just for you!

I know most of us are gearing up for Valentine's Day this coming Friday, but we are also getting ready for a three day weekend in my classroom. We are starting some of our Presidents' Day activities this week and we will continue the learning into next week, as well. 

Every year, I start our discussion about Presidents' Day with the story Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers by Karen Winnick
Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers
This is a very special story and an incredible lead into our first writing activity. In the story, the little girl, Grace writes a letter to Mr. Lincoln while he is running for president. In the letter, she tells Mr. Lincoln that he should grow a beard because his face is currently too thin. She also says that all the ladies like beards and they will then convince their husbands to vote for him if he grows one. After reading the story the kiddos and I make a chart of pros and cons as to why Lincoln should or should not grow a beard.

Next, the kids write their opinion pieces and make their Lincoln craft.
How cute is that??? 

I am also working with the enrichment group of kiddos this week. We are going to be reviewing skills with my recently updated Presidents' Day packet. The Lincoln craft (along with a Washington craft and many other ideas) is part of the pack I will be using the next few weeks. Be sure to check it out, to get tons of ideas to use in your classroom.

I also created this little freebie packet to share with all of you. It includes some Scoot cards to review math skills, festive writing paper, word search, and an activity to identifly nouns and proper nouns. If you grab a copy, I would love your feedback. 

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