Hello, My Name Is... And I Am a Task Card Addict! (SALE and GIVEAWAY)

Hello! My name is Jaime and I am a proud task card addict! There. I said it. I LOVE me some task cards! 
I have become obsessed about making and using task cards in my classroom this year. Every time I teach or review a lesson, and I see my kiddos struggling, another task card set is born. Seriously. A couple of weeks ago, we were editing a paragraph together and I was shocked at how many of my kids were still having trouble capitalizing proper nouns. Hence, my Capitalization Task Card set was created! 

The best thing about task cards is their versatility. They can be used in small groups for review. I pull 3 or 4 students to a table and review the skill with the task cards. I can quickly assess their needs and make corrections. Then, they can practice the skill independently. 

Task cards are also great for early finishers to review skills. We all have those students that are finished with assignments before you are done giving the directions. You know the ones I am talking about. Task cards are a great way for them to slow down and check their understand of the skills being taught in class. 

I even use my task cards for whole group instruction. Yesterday, I used my Valentine's Day Task Card Word Problems as a Scoot game. A word problem was placed at each seat. Each student had an answer sheet. They would solve the problem on their paper, when I said "Scoot" they would move to the next problem. When everyone had answered all the problems, we corrected them together and I gave the kids candy hearts for their hard work. They loved it! 

Do you use task cards in your classroom? How do you use them? I would love to hear all your ideas? Leave your comments below. I will choose 2 winners Monday night (2/17) to pick a set of task cards from my TpT store. Congrats to dremilylevine and Geri. I will be sending you each an email to choose your task card set.


To celebrate my addiction, I have put all my ELA and Math task card sets on sale this weekend! Just head on over to my TpT store and help feed your addiction too! 

And now, as I promised, it's giveaway time! My sweet friends Kayla from Meet Miss Parker and Britney from Tailor Made Teaching are hosting an awesome giveaway to show their followers how much they love them. They are giving away some wonderful prizes to spread their love your way. Head on over. Check out all the amazing bloggers that donated prizes and enter today!


  1. I adore task cards, especially yours :)
    I like to use them at centers or sometimes I use them whole class when we have the time!


  2. I am new to task cards, but quickly becoming addicted, myself!!! I primarily use task cards for whole-class review or assessment of a particular concept. I LOVE the scoot game format because it gets the kids up and moving...they have so much fun, while being engaged in meaningful learning!!! Thank you for your generosity and for considering me =). leafsgirl@rogers.com.

  3. I like to use task cards for review in centers and for the scoot game. I am thinking about also incorporating them into my calendar time for review of some needed skills in math.

  4. I am new to Task cards this year and now I love them! I do a lot of differentiating in my inclusion classroom, so it's great for different skill groups. A Scoot with the task cards provides SO much repeated but fun practice!! I love it! Thanks...k

  5. I love task cards too!! I use them in my centers, and it is a fun way for the students to work on a skill. Plus then they are able to work at their own pace, and they don't feel as if they are doing as much work because they think it is fun!! I hope that I win a set of your task cards!! We used your Valentine Task Cards last week!! I would love to use your capitalization task cards!! I still have some students who struggle with that concept!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  6. My students and I enjoy using task cards as a scoot game! They are more engaged when I set a time limit, and call move it. Thank you for all of your great products!


  7. I'd love to try task cards in my classroom. I think it would be great fun and the kids wouldn't know they are practicing skills at the same time. I would love your capitalization task card set!!!

  8. I am jsut beginning to use task cards. My kids loved them so I'll be using more:)

  9. I love using task cards for Scoot! My principal loved it too when she popped in and saw the kids active and engaged. :) gsmithteach@gmail.com

  10. I'm using them in our interactive notebooks. I'm planning on using them for scoot games too.