It's Time for Ghoulish Fun!

One of my favorite times of year is just upon us....that's right my friends, Halloween! Halloween is a HIGE event in our neighborhood! So big, that tour busses drop people off to trick or treat in our neighborhood. Now, our 'hood is not like Candy Cane Lane at Christmas time, but people get into it. We always have a gathering at our house with families from our kids' school and some of our friends. Each year, I search for new ideas to make the party better than the last. Pinterest has been a savior the last couple years. Here are a few of my favorite finds so far:

I made these Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats last year. The kids loved them and they were a hit!. You need a lot of green food coloring to get them the right shade of green.

I also made these mandarin orange cup jack-o-lanterns. These are great school treats because they are a healthy alternative to candy. All you do is draw jack-o-lantern faces on each of the cups and arrange them in a cute halloween bowl. Ta-dah!

scarecrow cookies super cute, maybe send in for Halloween Party
I thought these looked super cute too! Here is the SOURCE.

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How cute are these? Easy peezie and adorablness all in one package. SOURCE

Fotolia 34608784 XS 31 Days of Halloween: Halloween Martini
Now, let's get to the good part. Halloween is not all about the kids. I found this drink recipe on Pinterest. Here is the SOURCE. Looks yummy to me!

I would love to find some ideas for main dishes and side dishes for the party. We are getting pizza for the kids and making ghostly red velvet cupcakes (picture to come). Last year I made butternut squash lasagna and salad for the adults. The lasagna is a good make it ahead of time dish. I would love to hear some of your ideas? What are you making for Halloween?

Hexing While Flying Giveaway

This past weekend I was walking my dog in my neighborhood. My husband and I were checking out all the Halloween decorations and deciding the route we would take the kids on for trick or treating. We came upon a house full of decorations and I started cracking up! In the tree, was a witch that appears to have crashed into the tree. It looked something like this:
Now, I have seen this before, but for some reason it really struck my funny bone. The kids and hubs started making up stories about how the witch got there. The witch crew was drag racing, hexing while flying, a ghost was chasing her.... It went on and on.
The whole thing got me thinking.... my students would probably come up with some great stories too. The past few days, I have been working on creating a "splat" witch craft and writing activity. Here is what she looks like:
My kiddos filled out their graphic organizer today and will write their stories tomorrow. They are coming up with some great ideas too! One girl said another witch was chasing her and tried to cast a spell on her while they were flying and she crashed into a tree. I can't wait for them to share their stories with one another. 
All the templates, writing pages and information can be found in my A Witch's Crash writing craftivty packet. 

I am giving away one copy of this packet on my FB page. Make sure to head over, like my FB page, and leave a comment with your email address. I will choose one winner at 9pm PST tonight! 
The winner is:

Make sure to leave your comment on my FB page, not here, in order to be entered to win. 
This unit will also be on sale through Friday night! Good luck everyone!

Spider Week-Five for Friday

I am a little late to the Five for Friday link up. You will have to forgive playoff games were on last night and sometimes the world stops in my house when it comes to baseball.....well, not literally, but I obviously didn't get any blogging done last night. Hehe... 
Here is look inside my week of spiders, place value and more...

1. Spider Week is in full effect in our classroom. We started reading and researching spiders and making books about spiders. The boys AND girls are loving this unit.

2. They drew diagrams of a spider and labeled the body parts.

3. They even worked on sorting parts of speech with spiders. We are reviewing nouns, verbs and adjectives, so this activity was perfect to go with our spider activities. It is a freebie in my TpT store. You can grab it HERE.

4. In math, we spent time reviewing place value concepts. These centers reviewed use of expanded form, standard form, base 10 blocks and number words. The kids loved working together to match the answers. 

5. I spent some time this week, updating one of my favorite Thanksgiving files. I know...Halloween hasn't even arrived yet, but I am a planner and I know I need to get these activities ready for my kiddos. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Click on either picture or HERE to take you to the product on TpT.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Spider Week Has Begun & a FREEBIE!

I have a confession...I am NOT a fan of spiders! I don't jump up and down and freak out when I see one, but I'm not a lover. With that being said, this is my first time highlighting these little creatures in my classroom. Spider week was never suppossed to be...It all came about on Friday when I was going through my files for some Halloween activities and I realized I had several spider activities that I have never used. Time to get busy and Spider Week was born!

These are a few of the files I will be using for Spider Week: 
1. Spiders by Aimee Salazar is jam packed with so many creative ideas to get the kids excited about spiders. I hope I can fit them all into our schedule. Hmmm...maybe spider week will have to be extended. 
2. A Spider Craft and Poem Writing- a freebie from Amy Lemons. We will be practicing our adjectives and verbs with this lesson
3. Spider Sentence Fix from Jamie Rector will help us with our proofreading skills.

We kicked off the week making our spider craft. These will be used to inspire the kids to come up with verbs and adjectives to describe spiders for our poem writing tomorrow. I can't wait to share the final product with all of you!

We are also going to be reviewing parts of speech with this little FREEBIE I created to share with all of you! My kids will be using this during center time this week. It will help them with nouns, verbs and adjectives. The kids will sort the spider cards and write them into the correct categories and then write sentences using the words.
I hope this gets you excited for Spider Week in your classroom too! If you grab this freebie, I would love for you to leave a little feedback love. Thanks so much, everyone! Enjoy!

Five for Friday-A Peek At My Week!


Oh, YES! I made it to Friday, which means I survived parent conferences and can have a somewhat "normal" schedule again. Here is a peek inside my week.
 I made these personalized bookmarks for each of my kiddos!  They are colorful and easy to make! I just typed in their names and laminated them for each little darling. They were a HUGE hit. The idea is a FREEBIE from Catherine at the Brown Bag Teacher. Click on the picture to take you to her TpT store to grab your copy.

We worked on our Frank N. Stein writing! The templates are from Amy Lemons. I did this same activity last year with my kids. They love writing about Frank. We take some time to share out our stories and laugh about some of his adventures!

I decided it was time to "beef up" my kids vocabulary when they are writing. I chose 8 words to start with. These are the words that are WAY overused in my classroom. This packet has tons of words to choose from and I will be adding more words a the year progresses. Thank you Tania for this great resource!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we are knee deep in studying odd and even numbers and place value. Odd Todd and Even Steven came to visit my kids. You can read about some of our activities HERE.

I spent this afternoon prepping for SPIDER week! Most of our activities are from Aimee's Spider Unit. She has TONS of amazing ideas in this packet. Even if you don't like spiders, you will love this unit! We are also going to be writing spider poems and making spiders thanks to Amy Lemons . And we will be practicing our proofreading with a spider freebie from Jamie Rector. I will show you more of our activities next week. 

I hope you can use some of these ideas in your classroom. Happy Friday!

Odd Todd and Even Steven Have Arrived!!!

Last week, I was planning out my coming week of math activities and realized I was going to be teaching the concept of odd and even to my little kiddos.

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 I remembered seeing some great ideas from Cara Carroll at the First Grade Parade

I decided it was a MUST to get the book Even Steven and Odd Todd to introduce the concept and get my kids attention- to Amazon I went.

I created my own Even Steven and Odd Todd to use as a visual for my kids as I read them the story.

I had my kids sit in a circle on the floor and I placed Odd Todd and Even Steven in the center. Then, I brought out a container of candy corn that we were going to use to show odd and even numbers. 

I chose one student to randomly choose a number between 1-30. He chose the number 15. I had him count out 15 candy corn and place them on the napkin in front of him. I asked him if he thought the number was odd or even. He wasn't sure. So I suggested we ask Even Steven and Odd Todd for help. As I was saying this, one of my smartie pants said we could look at the bottom of Odd Todd's shirt to see that if a number has a 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 in the ones place , it HAD to be odd. Ok, my sweet little smartie-PROVE IT! Together, both students counted out the candy corn, one at a time, in Odd Todd's hand. When they were done, I asked them how they knew the number was odd. They explained that in one of Odd Todd's hands was 7 candy corn and the other hand had 8. If the number was even, each hand would have the exact same amount. Nice work, Smarties!!!

Next, I paired up my students and put a handful of candy corn on a plate in between them. They worked together to decide if the amount of candy corn was odd or even on their plates.

After the groups had time to sort and count their candy corn, we wrote the number on the plates. They came up and had to tell me if the number was odd or even and how they knew that was the correct answer.

After this introduction to odd and even, I gave each student a capital E or a capital O. They cut them out and I had them write two and three digit numbers that were either odd or even, depending on the letter they had. They had to underline the number in the ones place to show they understood why the number was odd or even. We added some eyes, thumbs up and legs...TA DAH... Our odd and even buddies are now hanging around our room. 

We are going to be reviewing odd and even all week. I have more centers and activities planned to show you. 

Meanwhile, you can see some of them in my new packet Odd and Even Activities.

Also, if you would like to make your own Odd Todd and Even Steven, I am sharing my labels with you. Just click on the picture to download it. Enjoy!


Odd and Even Giveaway

Really quick post tonight, my sweet blogging friends! My boys and I are getting ready to cheer on our beloved Dodgers and I still have to make dinner! However, I wanted to share my newest unit with all of you. Hot off the press... ODD and EVEN Activities and Strategies

I am giving away one copy of this unit on my FB page. Make sure to head over, like my FB page, and leave a comment with your email address. I will choose one winner at 9pm PST tonight! 
Congratulations, Jenna F!!!
Make sure to leave your comment on my FB page, not here, in order to be entered to win. 
This unit will also be on sale through tomorrow night! 
I will write a more detailed post about these activities later this week. We are starting odd and even practice tomorrow. I will have tons of pictures to share.
Good luck everyone! GO DODGERS!

Oh Friday, How I Love Thee...

It's been a long week, folks. I held parent conferences all week and still have 3 more scattered throughout next week. I am happy to say, I am ready to get this weekend started. I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to give you a peek at my week.


I ordered these turquoise bins last week. I love that they matched my classroom color theme. However, free shipping took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get them to me. They finally arrived yesterday. I made some labels and now my place value math centers are ready to go! I will show more pictures of our centers later next week. If you are interested, the centers come from my Place Value POWer packet. 

We were knee deep in place value this week! Place value is one of my favorite concepts to teach during the year. We made these candy corns to show understanding of standard form, values of each number column and expanded form. I got this idea originally from Nancy at First Grade Wow. My kids loved it! Some of my students used two digit numbers and some chose to use three digit numbers. 

We also made flap books to review expanded form, number words and base 10 blocks. The kids chose their own 3 digit number and wrote or illustrated each way under the correct flap. After this activity, I realized many of my kiddos still need more practice with the Base 10 blocks, so we will tackle that next week. I have some tricks up my sleeves for them.

We also worked with adjectives and nouns this week. We made an anchor chart of nouns and verbs that described scarecrows. After, we wrote acrostic poems about scarecrows and used our writing to create our own scarecrows. You can find all the writing prompts and scarecrow templates in my Scarecrow Craftivity pack.

I went to Michaels after school today, and of course I had to buy something. I picked up this cute little guy for my front yard. Let the fall decorating begin. 

I hope you all had a great week. Be sure to link up and share your week in pictures too.

October Currently, Candy Corn Place Value and a Giveaway!

Holy smokes! It's finally of my favorite times of year....OCTOBER! I am linking up with Farley to share this month's Currently with you.
My house is empty at the moment. Everyone is at sports practice. It is a little strange actually. I am not sure what to do with myself. 

I LOVE Fall and everything about fall. It is still a little warm here. But I am SO looking forward to bustin' out my boots and scarves soon.

I just found out Starbucks has brought back their salted caramel mochas!! That brought a smile to my lips. I must get one NOW.

I can't wait for the leaves to start changing colors and the cool weather to arrive. It is such a beautiful time of year. 

I am in the middle of parent conferences right now. As much as I like meeting all the parents, it is so exhausting. I can't wait until Friday afternoon!

Here is a special TREAT for all of you. I am part of an incredible giveaway over at Table Talk with C & C. They are hosting a Best Seller Math Linky and Giveaway. Head on over and check out all the great math prizes. If you win, you will get my best selling Measuring Up unit!

I wanted to share a fun place value activity I did with my kiddos today. I got the idea, last year, from First Grade Wow

We are currently working on place value to 100, but I have some math whizzes. So, I kicked it up a notch and some of the kids chose numbers up to 1000. I gave them the choice. If they felt comfortable, they could choose a larger number than 100. They loved tracing over their work with a black felt tip marker. That is a special treat for them! Enjoy!

Make sure to link up with Farley and let us all know what you are currently up to for October!