Simple Ideas To Celebrate Birthdays In the Classroom

Simple ways to celebrate birthdays at school

Student birthdays in the elementary classroom are a REALLY. BIG. DEAL! I love the excitement in their eyes and the joy it brings them to feel so special! I wanted to share a few simple, low prep and low cost ways to celebrate student birthdays in your classroom.


1. Create a Birthday Display
birthday bulletin board display
I don't know a student who doesn't feel special each time they see their face or name on a birthday display. This display is what I use each year in my classroom. Under the name of each month, I post a group picture of all the students with the same birth month. They each hold the number of the day they were born. I love it because I don't have to look up whose birthday is when and no birthdays are ever over looked! Grab your birthday board HERE.

2. Birthday Blooms Pencil Display
Birthday bloom pencil display

At the beginning of each school year, I create this birthday pencil display with each of my students' names. I tape the "flower" to a birthday pencil and arrange them in a flower pot. This is in our classroom all year. When it is a child's birthday, they "pick" their pencil from the pot. The kids can't wait for their birthday to come around to get their surprise! You can grab this FREE editable template HERE.

3. Birthday Book
celebrating birthdays in the classroom

Class birthday books are another way I celebrate birthdays in my classroom. When it is a student's birthday, everyone works on a page of the birthday book during morning work time. The birthday child gets the cover to decorate and the rest of the class gets a page to color and write a birthday wish to the birthday boy or girl. I then staple all the pages together and the birthday child gets to take home the special keepsake.

You can grab this birthday book template for FREE HERE! 
classroom birthday book

4. Homework Pass
free homework pass for birthday

Give the birthday student a homework pass to use on their special day or any day during the school year. It makes them feel special and gives them something to look forward to receiving. You can grab your FREE copy of the homework pass HERE.

5. Birthday Songs

Let your birthday student choose his or her celebration song. My students love the Go Noodle birthday song and It's Your Birthday from Kidz Bop. However, you could also play Say It's Your Birthday from the Beatles or Celebration from Kool In the Gang. Whichever you choose, your students are sure to feel special. 

6. Special Seat
Let the birthday student sit at a special seat or desk for the day. I like to have special pens and markers for them to use also. You can also give them stickers and stamps to use too.

7. Summer Birthdays

As someone with a summer birthday, I truly think it is very important to celebrate those summer birthdays, so no one feels left out! I like to celebrate summer birthdays on the half birthday for those students. This way those students have a special day to celebrate just for them. You could also pick a day towards the end of the school year so celebrate all the summer birthdays. Whatever you choose, just don't forget those little sweethearts that were born during the summer months.


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