R-Controlled Vowels Activities

R-Controlled Vowels

When students have a strong control of phonics patterns, they are able to easily decode the words on the pages in front of them. This leads to a higher rate of fluency and ultimately stronger comprehension. However, when students don't have a strong grasp of phonics skills, they tend to struggle as readers. Consistently working on phonics patterns, including r-controlled vowels, will help students improve their reading fluency and become more confident readers.

What are R-Controlled Vowels?
R-controlled vowels, also know as "bossy-r" can be a tricky concept for young readers to grasp. These phonics patterns occur when a vowel is followed by the letter R, and as a result the vowel sound is changed. These two letters combine to form one sound where the vowel sound is silent.

I have so many students each year that struggle with this phonics skill, so I decided to create some NO PREP, fun and engaging activities for them to practice the "bossy-r" sound and spelling patterns! These packets have a wide variety of activities to allow for differentiation for each of your students in order for them to master those r-controlled vowels! I have also created several r-controlled vowels BOOM Card decks for students to use on their devices in class and at home for extra practice!

"bossy-r" no prep worksheets

R-controlled vowels BOOM decks

R-controlled vowels

How To Teach R-Controlled Vowels?
As with any phonics skill, constant, repetitive modeling is essential to your students' understanding. R-controlled vowels are tricky for many early learners. Model the r-controlled vowel patterns by holding up a vowel and saying its sound. Then add the "r" sound next to it. Next, model how the sound changes when the two letters are together. Finally, have students make the different sounds with you and then on their own.

R-controlled vowel BOOM cards

How Are the Packets Organized?
The bundle covers ar, ir, er, or, ur and "air" and "ear" vowel sounds. There are 5 different packets included in the bundle: ar words, or words, er, ir, ur words together, "air" words and "ear" words. Ten activities with 2-4 different variations are included in each packet.

When introducing and teaching the er, ir, ur, "ear" and "air" sounds, it is important to understand there are several different spelling patterns that make the same sound. Students need a tremendous amount of practice to become familiar with the sounds and spellings, as they cannot know the correct spelling with just the sound itself. When students see the spelling patterns in these words, in a variety of ways and  formats, they begin to internalize the spelling patterns and can begin to memorize which option goes with each word. 

"bossy-r" no prep worksheets

In order to help your students build fluency with r-controlled vowels, I have some FREE pages from the different packets included in the bundle. Click on the picture below to grab them!

R-Controlled Vowels

Ways to Use Worksheets and BOOM Cards In the Classroom:
⭐ Morning Work Activities
⭐ Early Finishers
⭐ Center Activities
⭐ Small Group / Intervention
⭐ Test Prep Activities
⭐ Homework and Review Packets
⭐ Sub Binder Activities 

I hope these activities help your students master those tricky r-controlled vowels, while helping them build fluency and reading skills at the same time.



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