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I believe parent communication is VITAL to a successful school year. Every year I change, add, and revamp my parent communication to best meet the needs of my "clientele." Some years I have a group of parents that love email. Other years, I have parents that need paper reminders sent home. But there are a few things that remain consistent with my parent communication that I want to share with all of you. 

1. Weekly Behavior Charts: 
I use a color chart for behavior management in my classroom. Each day my students fill out their behavior chart with their corresponding color. Then, on Fridays they take their chart home. Parents sign the chart and the child brings the chart back on Monday. I reward signed behavior charts with tickets for our classroom prize box. 

Parents love knowing the charts are coming home. I love that they don't have to come ask me how their child is behaving in class. It's a win-win! 

Some teachers prefer monthly behavior charts. This way they can go into a folder and notes can be added if needed. It is important to find a way that works for you and that you can manage. I have created a set of monthly EDITABLE charts too.

2. Parent Conferences: 
Communicating with parents about their child's academic and social success is also a key part of parent communication. Before I created my Parent Teacher Conference Binder, I had different papers and information all over the place. Grades were in my grade book or on the computer, student work for their portfolios was in file folders, etc. 
After I created my conference binder, all the notes and information I needed to send out were in one place. I keep the master in a plastic sleeve and make colored copies of the forms I need to send to parents and put them into the sleeve as well. 

 My favorite form of all is this:
There are several variations included in the packet to meet your needs. I LOVE that it has boxes to check off and a few lines for comments. Everything I need to tell a parent about their child is right there at my fingertips. Just a quick glance and I can elaborate in certain areas, if needed. I make 2 copies of the form. One for my records and one for the parent to take home with them. 

3. Print and Go Parent Notes & Newsletter:
At the beginning of the year, there is so much information that needs to be sent home to parents. Forms from you, the office, parents etc. Being organized and prepared is so important. I use this packet of forms to help with that. I also create a monthly newsletter to keep parents informed of special events, projects, and things going on in class and at school. Parents then post it on their refrigerator at home or other special spot, so they know about early dismissals, events and more!

Have you ever needed a last minute note to send home with the kids to remind them and their parents about something for the next day, but you just don't have time to sit down and type it up before the bell rings for the end of the day? This used to happen to me all-the-time! I needed to put a stop to it and QUICK! So, I create my Don't Miss the Boat Parent Notes and Reminders packet. Now, I have all the forms I could possibly need in a notebook, copied, and ready to go at a moment's notice. This saves time and the parents appreciate the reminders too!

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