Friday Freebies and More!

Bring on the weekend! I love me the weekend. And yes, it has finally arrived! I am ready to share my week of randomness and excitement! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five for Friday.

We have been working on our life cycles unit and studying butterflies. We are gearing up for a field trip at the end of the month where the kids will be getting a hands-on experience with them. We just finished our paper bag flap books about the butterfly's life cycle. The kids were crazy about them. This activity is part of my Life Cycles packet too.

I have been working all year with my kids trying to help them build their fluency of their addition and subtraction facts. We started in October and have been on a roll ever since! They take a 3 minute timed test each Thursday in class. Each test has 50 problems. They have to get ALL the problems correct in order to move to the next level. We start with addition and move to subtraction. I have some kiddos that have passed all the levels and now I am starting them on their multiplication skills! How happy are those 3rd grade teachers going to be next year??? I am so proud of them!

I just reached over 2000 followers on IG! I am so excited about it!!! I am preparing a bit of fun for all my followers. Be on the look out! If you aren't following my on IG and you would like to, click HERE.

Who doesn't love a freebie? Well, this is your weekend! There are tons of FABULOUS freebies up for grabs! I am a part of Amanda's (Primary Gal) Free for All. Click on the image below or HERE to take you to my Facebook page to get started. Once you are there, find the yellow Free For All tab to find an awesome freebie waiting for you. It will lead you to MANY more freebies waiting for you. Have fun!

I am almost done with my most recent set of task cards for Sequencing! I thought my kiddos had this standard down pat. BUT, I was wrong! We need more practice at different levels. Hence, this task card set was created. I hope to have it up for you by tomorrow.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. 2,000 followers is a big deal! Congratulations.
    I love your Life Cycle product. I had a quick question though? Why paper bags? Why not just make them on construction paper? Do they put something in the bags? Thanks.

  2. Wow, congrats on 2,000 followers! Now I need to go to follow you on Instagram! =)

    A Teachable Teacher

  3. I must learn how to make those book bags or is it bag books?....I am too ESL right now :)
    My Second Sense