Counting Coins and a HUGE SALE!

We have been learning how to count money for a couple of weeks now. The timing could not be more perfect because our school is having a Coin Drive fundraiser right now. The kids have been bringing in their coins and filling up our classroom jar. Before they put their money in the jar, they have to count and tell the class how much they are putting in. I love when real life experiences coincide with what is being taught in class. Today, we culminated our money unit by making wallets and counting groups of coins.
 Each student made their own wallet. Then I gave them a sheet with several coin groups. If the amount of money matched the answer correctly, it was put into the "correct" pocket. If the amount of money did not match the answer, they had to cross out the answer and write in the correct amount. Then, it went into the "incorrect" pocket. When they were done, they compared their wallets with their desk partner to check their work. It was a big hit with the kids!This activity is one of many in my Money Talks unit. Check it out for more details.

In case you haven't heard the exciting news, TpT is having a HUGE sale this Thursday and Friday to celebrate being 3 million teachers strong! How incredible is that? My entire store will be on sale, plus you get another 10% off at checkout when you use the code TpT3 at checkout.
This is a great time to stock up on those spring items you have been eyeing, as well as, filling your wish lists with those items you have been wanting to use all year. I have so many things on my list. I can't wait to get shopping. Time to fill up those carts ! 

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