Let's Ring in 2014 IG Style!

I hope each and everyone of you has been able to enjoy your winter breaks, celebrate the holidays with family and friends and get a little rest and relaxation into your days. 
We have been hustling and bustling over here with all the holiday extravaganzas. Things are now starting to slow down and get "back to normal".

I am linking up with Elizabeth at Kickin' It In Kindergarten for a Teachers of Instagram Linky. If you aren't following me in IG yet, I would love to have you join my crazy adventures. My user name is @brightconcepts4teachers.
Here are my top 3 pics from IG in 2013.

Number 1:
I got to meet my bloggy bestie, Aimee from Primarily Speaking! It was such a treat to finally meet in person and spend some time together. I am truly blessed to have met so many incredible people through blogging and being able to connect is a priceless gift. I am a better teacher because of it! Thank you for your friendship!

Number 2:
My love for baseball...well, really it's my husband and boys love for baseball, but I love it too! I love going to games, watching my boys play and rooting for the Cubs and Dodgers! I am glad I can share my obsession with all of you!

Number 3:
My classroom Elf on the Shelf obsession this year! This was the highlight of my students' year so far. We all had so much fun with Snowflake. Thank you for letting me share my antics with all of you. I love making learning fun and exciting for my kiddos. Teaching is the best!


I am also always looking for new blogs to follow. Simply in Kinder is hosting a great linky to help us all find all those fabulous blogs in Blogland! Head on over and check it out! I am sure you will find some new blogs to obsess over too!

Thank you to each and everyone of you for making 2013 an incredible year! Between my blog, TpT and all my blogging friendships 2013 is going to hard to beat! Welcome 2014! Cheers!


  1. You have a new instagram follower (me:) Thanks so much for linking up! I couldn't agree more that the blogger friendships I have made make me a better teacher. Enjoy the rest of your break!
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

  2. Love your linky post! I, too, have met some of my best and supportive teaching friends through blogging. Life. Changing. Happy that you linked up with Elizabeth. She's one of my besties! :) Hopping over to IG to follow you!

  3. Super cute pic of the elf on the shelf. So much fun!


  4. So awesome that you were able to meet a bloggy friend in real life!! And I love your elf pics! I will definitely be getting an elf next year!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  5. I loved seeing everyone's elf on the shelf pics! They were too funny! Hope you have a happy 2014!


  6. That is so awesome that you got to meet a blogging buddy!! I can't wait to meet some of these amazing teachers that I already feel like I know from following their blogs! :)

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

  7. Love those candy cane reindeer!! :) Blogger meet-ups are super fun! This is an amazing community.

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  8. I started elf on the shelf this year and it became my obsession too! I can't wait for next year...I have so many ideas!!
    Happy New Year Jaime!

  9. I love that your number one pic is of us!!! Meeting up was the biggest highlight of my year, for sure! And, just think, if it weren't for baseball, we would have had to wait until the TpT conference to meet up. Also, you must know, your elf adventures have inspired me to use that little guy in my classroom next year. I can't wait!

    Primarily Speaking