B2S Wise Decor Giveaway and Review!

Do you LOVE to decorate you classoom and home? Do you love HELP to decorate? Do you love EASY to decorate ideas? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the place for you and an awesome giveaway to go along with it!

WiseDecor - Wall Decals, Wall Letters, Quotes & Words

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Katie from Wise Decor about trying one of their products and giving away $75 to their store to one lucky person. I was thrilled for this opportunity because decorating is a weakness of mine. So, I searched their website and found the PERFECT teacher item- Classroom Rules Modern Wall Decal- in turquoise and black to match my school colors and classroom theme, of course. It arrived this weekend and I put it up in my classroom today! Here is what it looked like when it arrived.

I found the perfect spot in my classroom for the letters and cleaned the surface before I measured where I wanted the letters to go exactly. Then, I used packing tape to put the letters in place on the wall. I wanted to make sure they were straight and centered before I adhered them.
Next, I peeled the back layer of paper off and slowly and gently pressed the letters to the wall to get them to lightly stick. This picture is really showing you step 3. I was doing this by myself and couldn't take a picture while I was peeling the back layer because I didn't want to move the letters out of place!
It is really important to use the squeegee to help secure the letters in place. Go over the letters several times before peeling the top layer of paper off.

Tada! My classroom rules are up and ready for the year! 

Now, this is the perfect item for me because I have been in the same classroom for 12 years. If you move rooms a lot this item might not work for you BUT there are TONS of items to choose for your home as well!

 Another item I LOVE is the mongrammed chalkboard calendar:

Now it's your turn to win a $75 gift card to Wise Decor! All you have to do is follow Bright Concepts 4 Teachers and a few other enteries! Winners will be announced next Monday (the night before my first day of school with kiddos).What a great way to start the year! Spread the word and let's all start off our school year with beautiful decor! 
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  1. Love the wall decal! I have soo many of these in my home, but never thought about the classroom!

    Math Madness

  2. I love it too! I fear our custodian would make me take it down. :(

  3. question....where do i find the url for a shared post?

  4. Your rules look amazing! What a great idea!


  5. I love that decal! I can tell you took your time with it because it looks flawless. Nice job!!! I'm sure your kiddos will love it too!

    Primarily Speaking

  6. I love the decal, the neatness, the color scheme-my favorite colors and my classroom theme and I love that it is big and on the wall so the students can use it for a reminder. I'm excited for a great year! Hope you all have a wonderful year! Here's to a great year of teaching. Oh, thanks for the step by step instructions, I can't wait to order mine.
    Tammie from Texas, but live in Washington State.

  7. Hello! I love it! May I know whether it is 12 inches wide or 18 inches wide? Thank you

  8. Yes could you please specify the size used in the photos? Thank you for sharing your post. It looks great!