All About Me!

We have just started our third week of school and I have SO many things that I have planned that keep getting pushed to another day. We have Back to School Night in two days and I really wanted/needed to get our All About Me glyphs completed for our math board. It has been in my plan book since the first week of school. Today, I FINALLY found the time to have the kids make their adorable faces. They were 

I love this activity because it incorporates math, art and social studies all in one itty bitty project! What more can you ask for? We started off the activity with the kids answering questions about themselves and writing their answers on their whiteboards. Then, we used the answers to put together our All About Me faces. Here the kids are gluing their hair and hats onto the heads. Every color, shape etc represents something about the child. For example, the color hat is determined by the first letter of the child's last name. 

We worked through the project very systematically. Things could go very wrong if you just let them loose. It was also a great activity to test listening skills. Here are a few of the finish projects:

I displayed them on our math board along with the glyph key so people could see why each child made their faces they way they did. 
After we completed the glyphs, we worked together to complete data sheets about the information on their glyphs. We graphed our birthdays, how we got to school, our siblings etc. They kids loved sharing their projects too! Now we are all set for Back to School night and we can show off all we have been learning these last few weeks!

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  1. I love the blue hair; it is my favorite. :) They all turned out great! I can't wait to make these with my own students in the next few weeks!!

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