Spring Is In the Air!

I can't believe Spring is here! In less than 2 weeks I will be on Spring Break!! Can I get a H-O-L-L-A??? However, in order for me to get to my vacation, I first have to get ready for Open House, which is only ONE week away! We just finished report cards and now...Open House! Gotta love it! So, in getting my room ready for the BIG evening, my kids just finished their Spring Umbrella Glyphs. We are currently working on the writing that goes along with them, but I wanted to show you our work in progress.
Each child answered their glyph questions on their individual white board (saves paper and copying). Then they were given a specific number of shapes based on how they answered each question about what they liked about spring.

Here is our glyph key and data charts about how our class answered the spring glyph questions. They are posted next to our glyphs.

I used some tissue paper and cut out a few raindrops to create the "scene" for all our umbrella glyphs. Today  I gave the kids a choice between two topics they could write to accompany their glyphs. Some students chose to write a persuasive letter to our principal to close school if there was a wild thunderstorm,while other students pretended to be an umbrella and write about their adventures on a rainy day. I like giving the kids a choice of writing when possible. It makes it more meaningful to them.

Hopefully you can use these activities in your class with your kiddos too. Click on the picture to grab your copy.

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