Product Swap Time!

I am so excited to be participating in my first Product Swap hosted by Jessica Stanford. I saw all the posts from the last Product Swap and I felt like I had missed out on something fun and magical! This time around, I was lucky enough to join in the fun. I have been super fortunate to be paired up with an amazing lady-Aimee Salazar from Primarily Speaking.

Primarily Speaking

Aimee has an incredible blog with incredible ideas! I had a really difficult time picking a product from her TpT store. She has so many wonderful products and she has spent so much time making sure they are Common Core aligned! I ended up choosing Aimee's Three Digit Addition and Subtraction Fun Pack- LOVE IT!
This product is jam packed with activities to help reinforce three-digit addition and subtraction skills. It has something for every type of learner in your class, which makes differentiating for each student SO much easier.
Here is an overview picture of the activities included: Roll A Number Sentence, Spin A Number Sentence, Sort It Out, Match Up, 5 in a Row and Pick A Card. 
My students really loved the HUGE dice they got to use for this activity. I printed the number dice, cut them out and laminated them for durability. I need to make a few more copies of the dice so several students can do the same activity at the same time.

Here are the centers ready to go for my students. I printed and laminated all the pieces so they would last.

The kids loved this activity because they got to make their own problems with the cards they drew. They were in charge! I had the kids work in partners to check each others' work too! So everyone got to be the "student" and then the "teacher". 

Here are my kiddos working in pairs to complete some of the activities. This activity (Spin A Number Sentence) was a HIT with the kids because they made their own spinners and then checked each others' work.

I was so impressed with the clarity of the directions. It made all the activities incredibly easy to prepare and explain to the kids. The other great thing about these activities is that the kids can be independent to complete them. Once it is modeled for them, off they go! This gave me the ability to check on each of the groups and informally assess how they were doing with the skills. 

Since I was so impressed with Aimee's math packet, I decided to purchase her Valentine's Day Fun Variety Pack. I can't wait to use this with my kids for the holiday. 
This packet has it all: Friendly Letter Craftivity, Conversation Heart Banner, Valentine Bingo, Writing Prompts, Center Work and MUCH MORE! 
Look how darn cute those craftivities are! You must check it out if you are looking for some Valentine Fun for your kiddos! I have mine printed out and ready to go!

Now, if you can't already tell, I am so glad I was paired up with Aimee for this Product Swap! She has put both of these products on sale for 20% off in her TpT store through Monday! That means you can get both these products, for your classroom, at a discounted price, right now! Hurry over to her store and put them in your cart! You will be thrilled that you did!

Make sure to stop by Aimee's blog and TpT store and become a follower if you aren't already! Also, check out all the other amazing bloggers that have linked up for the Product Swap and give them some of your love too!


  1. Hi Jaime! I'm stopping by after reading all about your blog and great products from Aimee! She had such wonderful things to say and your winter book unit looks adorable!

    We're your newest followers!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I am so excited to have you as new followers!

  2. Hi Jaime! What an amazing shout out! I'm blushing at how kind you were with your words. Laminating the dice was a great idea!

    I'm so glad we were paired up; this was a great experience! It isn't every day you get to call someone a fellow blogger, and friend! Talk to you soon!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. These activities look fabulous! Thanks for sharing!