FREEBIE Holiday Gift Idea and ONE WEEK LEFT!

And yet another week just flew by! There are just not enough hours in each day to get everything done. This week we started a ton of projects. Some were completed and some we are still working on. One of my students favorite projects were these cute little guys:
I read my kids If You Take A Mouse To the Movies. And we used some of the adorable ideas from Nancy at First Grade Wow's unit. She has this amazing freebie with tons of ideas. Click here to take you to her unit.

The kids wrote about what they would want if you took them to the movies.

Hanukkah starts Saturday night, so we read a few Hanukkah stories this week and did a little taste testing of latkes. The kids were so excited to try these:
 My sweet teaching assistant made all these latkes for the kids to try. We gave each student a potato pancake, applesauce and sour cream. I asked the kids to try them plain, and with each of the toppings. Then we graphed our favorite ways to eat them. Here is our graph:
To my surprise most of the kids liked them with applesauce AND sour cream! Next, we analyzed our data and tallied our results. We also completed a few math problems about our data. They kids loved the activity!

The kids were most excited to complete their holiday gift for their parents. We made this adorable project that we called Watch Me Grow. Each student got a plastic (frosting tub size) container. I bought them from the 99 cent Store. We taped  the Watch Me Grow label to it.
Then we added beans.
Next, each student cut out "flowers" for each grade level (kinder-5th) and taped a tongue depressor to each one.
I taped their second grade school picture to the the second grade circle. Once the parents receive their gift, they can add pictures to the other grade levels. We wrapped them in decorated lunch bags and taped them closed. There you have it folks-the simplest, most adorable parent gift around! Grab your template for this project by clicking here. I hope you can use this idea in your class. It would also make a great Mother's Day gift. Enjoy!


  1. Jaime,
    I love how your mice turned out! I love the different colored hats!! Can I steal that idea for next year?? Thanks for sharing your pictures!!

    1. Nancy,
      Thank you! You have some of the most precious ideas and you are so kind to always share them. My kids LOVED this project! I'm glad you like the different colored hats. It adds so much cheer to the room!