Excited for Election Day

Happy Election Day Everyone! I hope you were all able to get out and exercise your right to vote! My family and I are sitting around the TV watching the minute by minute updates and commentary. I love watching my kids get excited and question things that they are hearing on TV.

Today we brought the election process into your classroom with the book Duck for President.Product Details

We used Lisa's unit from Learning is Something to Treasure to help the kids understand the election process. She has this perfect unit Election Day Fun With Duck for President. The kids were so excited to cast their vote for Duck or Farmer Brown for President. Each student made a Duck which will hold their persuasive writing pieces about who should be president.

Tomorrow we will make a Venn Diagram comparing Duck and Farmer Brown and list reasons why each would be a great president. Then the kids will write their persuasive stories and we will attach them to the Duck. The kids were very excited to vote and see who their peers voted for as well. I would love to hear how you each supported and taught about Election Day in your class.

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  1. Jaime,

    I am totally up right now watching the TV as well! Love your election day activities!! So much fun!

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