A Little FREEBIE and some Gingerbread Fun!

Although Thanksgiving has not even arrived yet, I have started planning for the short three weeks I have when I return from Thanksgiving break. That's right! Only three weeks and then we are off for winter break. It is going to be jam packed with learning, singing and getting ready for the holidays. I wanted to have some fun and engaging activities for my students when they return from their week off. I need to reinforce skills I have taught and support some new ones.So I created Gingerbread Holiday Fun! This unit has 8 literacy centers and a writing craftivity that goes with it.

I am going to read them a version of the gingerbread boy and they are going to fill in the beginning, middle and end worksheet.

Then, each student is going to make a gingerbread baker or a gingerbread boy cookie. They are going to choose to write about their gingerbread from one of the six writing prompts included. 

During center time, they will work on ABC order, synonyms, antonyms, writing, revising and much more!

I have also taken the gingerbread craftivity and turn it into a gingerbread glyph for those of you that would like to practice data collecting with your students and also give them some writing practice. 

Here is a little FREEBIE I used this last week with my students. We are working on estimation of numbers and number sentences. Each student got this little guy:
In the middle snowball, they wrote their own 2 digit addition problem. On the bottom snowball, they showed the estimated addition problem and how to solve it. Any time I bring a craft to our math lesson, they kids just eat it up! If you would like to use this in your classroom, you can grab the template HERE.Also, if you are at school this week and need a few last minute ideas, don't forget to check out my previous Thanksgiving post with a FREEBIE class book you can make with your students about how to save the turkeys.

This is a time to be thankful! Some of us are thankful to have a week off from work. Others are thankful for a short week ahead. But in all seriousness, it is a time to reflect on all that is wonderful in our lives. It is a time  to reconnect with family and friends and take a few moments to appreciate all that we have. I want to thank each of you for taking an interest in my sweet little blog and sharing your thoughts and ideas with me. Thank you for your inspiration and wisdom. I hope this is a week full of love and happiness for each of you.

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