Fun on the Farm and Reading Response Journal FREEBIE

A very special thing about the sweet little school I teach at is- we have a farm! The kids love taking care of the animals, feeding them and tending to our gardens. We have miniature ponies, goats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, peacocks etc. We have an amazing animal care taker and she is so good at educating the kids about the animals. This year has been a very difficult year to fund our farm. With all the budget cuts in education in our state, the district dramatically cut our funding for animal feed. Our PTA stepped in and gave some money. We have written Donors Choose grants for funding. Today we had a Fun On The Farm fundraiser to raise money for the animals and bring some Halloween fun to our school. Each student donated money for the farm and each class had a special time to go to the farm and pick out a small pumpkin, take their picture with our goats or bunnies and they played carnival games and won prizes.
Kids playing carnival games on the farm.

Fishin' for prizes

Me feeding our sweet little goat.

The kids had a blast and we raised some of money to continue helping our animals. It was so successful, we might just have to do it again in the spring!

For all you Treasures reading teachers out there- I have just typed up reading response journals for Unit 3 for California Treasure. There are 2 questions for each story. The stories are the same (with a few exceptions on each unit), but introduced in a different order. Unit 3 stories include:
The Alvin Ailey Kids
Abuelo and the Three Bears
Music of the Stone Age
Click, Clack Moo
Stirring Up Memories

Click HERE to download your free copy! If you download them, I would love for you to leave a comment letting me know. 

To all my friends back east- you are in my thoughts and I hope you are all safe from Sandy.

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