Back To School Activities

Even though we just ended our third week of school, I am still working on completing our Super In Second activities. We just completed our First Week in Second Grade school houses. Which perfectly fit with our Scholastic Weekly Reader- Sliding Into School.

Yesterday the kids were working on their backpack craftivity and wrote a list of things second graders need to be successful. Here is their work in progress:

The kids have been super awesome and flexible when it comes to all the assessments we have been doing. I just finished testing all 40 second graders with DIBELS this last week. Now my team partner and I have a clearer picture of our students reading backgrounds. We have such a wide range of student abilities. So we decided we are going to group both of our classes together for reading once or twice a week. My team partner has a Reading Recovery background, so she is going to take our super low readers (which, sadly, happens to be about a third of the grade level) and work intensively on phonemic awareness, blending, sight words and simple writing. I will take the rest of the kids and teach our Treasures reading program with them. We are going to see if there is any improvement over the course of 6 weeks and then re-evaluate. Fingers crossed these kiddos will show some dramatic improvement.

We are going to start our reading response journals next week. I will post more details and pictures as the kids complete them. Have a great holiday weekend everybody!

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