Newbie Blogger Blog Hop

I love this idea! So, I have decided to link up with Janice at Grade Three is the Place for Me. New bloggers blog hopping to one another's blogs to see what is new in Blogland- What a great idea! It has been an amazing adventure for me these last few months since I started my blog. I enjoy the connection with other teachers, the inspirational ideas and the sounding board we create for one another. 

1. What state do you live in?
I live in Southern California.

2.Your Current Teaching Position
I currently teach 2nd grade at a K-12 Title 1 Magnet School. 

3.Your Teaching Experience
I have taught for 14 years. My first teaching assignment was in 4th grade for 1 year. Then I switched schools and taught 1st grade for 11 years. This past year, I switched to 2nd grade and I couldn't be happier!

4.When You Started Blogging
I started blogging in May. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but I wanted to try and explore. I am still exploring and learning everyday. It has been a wonderful experience so far!

5. Share a Blogging Tip/Blogging Resource
One thing that has helped me stay organized is to keep a blogging calendar. It can be weekly or monthly-whatever works best for you. It helps me to keep my ideas straight so I don't forget what I want to write about or projects I want to complete.


  1. I need to make a blog calendar! Maybe it would keep me motivated and on track.

  2. Woohoo! Glad to have another 2nd grade blog to follow. :) A blog calendar sounds like a GREAT idea! Just found you through the blog hop (which I'm going to have to link up with now since I just started blogging in June) and am your newest follower!

    Teaching Maddeness
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  3. Excellent tip about the blog calendar - definitely something I need to start up straight away. Off to have a peek around your blog...

    teaching with j

  4. Found you through the blog hop & am now following you! Stop by my blog if you haven't already had a chance and follow!

    THANKS for sharing!
    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  5. I'm loving reading all these blog tips! I absolutely need to go back to Target and get a blog calendar now:) Found you through the blog hop and am following you now. I'd be delighted if you stopped by!
    The Common Core Classroom