Time For the Summer Olympics!

I just finished my school year and finally became in touch with some things going on in our world. The news usually depresses me so I don't watch it for the most part. But one thing I am super excited about are the 2012 Summer Olympic games starting next month. I decided to make an Olympic medal glyph to use with my kids at the beginning of the year. The Olympics will still be on or just finishing when our school year starts. I think this activity will be a great way to get them engaged with something positive that is going on in our world. What I love about the Olympics is that most of these athletes are not well known super stars. They are dedicated and hard working individuals that have given part of their life to try and be the best at something. What a great example for our students!

The glyph includes templates to make the medals, bulletin board ideas, graphs, glyph key and of course directions and a sample picture. If you would like to have an Olympic activity too, you can visit my TpT store of TN  for your copy.

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