Punctuation and Parts of Speech Posters

I am super excited to post two new items to my TpT and TN stores today. The first is a set of Punctuation posters which I use as reference when teaching and reviewing punctuation concepts with my students.  I  have seen different versions of them online, but none of them completely suited the needs of my second grade students. Each poster has the name of the punctuation, a meaning and a sentence to show how it is used.They are also color coded for easy reference. Included with the posters is one overview page which has the punctuation marks the kids will need to use in their writing for the year. I made a copy for each student and put it into a plastic sleeve to keep it from ripping and getting destroyed easily. The students keep it in their writing folder in their desk and use it during writers workshop. Click on the following links to get your copy: TpT or TN.

The second item is a set of parts of speech posters that I am so thankful I have in my class. This set of posters also has an overview page for students to use. This is in my kids writing folders in a plastic sleeve as well. I love watching them use these resources throughout the day. This is a picture of the page they have in their folders. Each part of speech has the meaning, as well as, several examples to remind the kids how to use it. Click on the links below:
TpT or TN
I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend and for some of you, your first weekend of summer vacation!

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