Countdown to the Last Day of School

So many of you lucky educators are already out on summer vacation! Congrats!However, I am not yet and my kiddos and I are on the countdown. I saw this idea the other day on Teri's post at A Cupcake for the Teacher and thought my students would just eat it up. We made a colorful rainbow paper chain with the number of days left in school. I labeled the cloud "Days Until We Are 3rd Graders" to get them super excited.At the end of each school day, I choose a different student to tear off one of the paper chains and everyone cheers and claps. It is so super cute and gets them even more excited for the next school 

 I took a picture of this and put it in my May Ideas notebook so I will remember to do it again next year. It is super easy to make and a huge motivation and happy moment each day for the kids!

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