Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Ideas For Your Classroom

Open House is on the horizon and quickly approaching.... and so is Spring Break! I saw these cute pop art bunnies all over Instagram and Pinterest and knew I had to squeeze them in before Open House.

The original bunny template can be found at this website. I simply made a copy for each student on white paper. Next, I modeled how to make the vertical lines in each section of the bunny.

When the vertical lines were completed, the students cut around the bunny and glued it onto Astrobright cardstock. 

For the glasses, I used clip art I already had and copied it on bright colored paper. You can also find a pattern for free if you Google "eyeglasses" or "sunglasses".

One of my favorite activities to do with my class are these cuties with sunglasses. I gives the students an opportunity to reflect on all the learning they have accomplished throughout the year. AND it makes for an adorable bulletin board that is a great conversation piece. Click HERE for the templates.

To continue the theme, I give each student a pair of their own sunglasses with this tag attached. It is placed on their desk as a surprise when they walk into the room with their parents. You can grab these free tags from Molly at Lessons With Laughter.

We also are finishing up our unit on time, and I wanted a way for my students to show off their skills. The kids created these sun clocks. Thanks to Smitten In First for sharing the idea.

We also wrote autobiographies to share with our parents at Open House. The kids loved Amy Lemons Write On Unit and felt like movie stars without a doubt.

I hope you were able to get some new ideas for Spring that you can use in your classroom.


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